Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Viva Bike Vegas -- A Quick Recap

Some of you may know that I get distracted easily. Throw in the requirements of grad school (RAing! Prelims! Managing other students!) and it's understandable (again, for those who know me) that I will get side-tracked.

I thought, rather than try to catch up on months' worth of cycling I would post some numbers. Anyone with any passing familiarity with me knows that numbers are among the things I love best.

Months since my last post: 3 (almost to the day)
Miles ridden since then: 1110.39 (total mileage on the year: 2880)
Elevation gained (lower bound): 44,618'
Bike rides since then: 39
Money raised: $761 (between June 28 and August 27, actually)
Maximum temperature ridden in: 105F (on event day. in the desert)

Between this season and last, I raised over $5,000 to help in the fight against blood cancers. I hate cancer. I really, really do hate it.

The ride in in Nevada was beautiful -- there isn't much to do out there, so you can't help but notice the beauty of Lake Mead and the surrounding mountains and canyons. I had intended to ride the 122 mile option with L, A, K, D, and B, but we got separated early on because I stayed back to sweep one of our riders who was, at that time, by herself. Despite the possibility of plans to work out getting on the 122 mi route later on, it was not to be. I had a wonderful time riding with my other little group, two of whom were my mentees--both cancer survivors--and two of whom were first-time TEAMmates riding their first ever century. Everyone looked good, despite the heat and lack of humidity (I had been barking for a week about hydration), and everyone finished under his own power. An incredible and inspiring day, and I am so proud of--and happy for--the team. This was a tough ride, mentally and physically, and everyone made it through, no worse for wear.