Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beautiful Backroads (metric) Century - 18 September

This was going to be my second century this year. Going in, I was worried that I would punk out and do the metric distance (66 mi, in this case), as I didn't know if I had it in me to do that last 40 mi (at least) on my own. And, sure enough, I did. It was a nice ride with C, though I slowed him down a lot (this is why we train, folks). I'm glad to have gotten to ride with him -- I hadn't in a long time, and we had a good time.

Anyway, I punked, but it was still a good ride.

Maximum speed: 33.9 mph
Average speed: 14.8 mph
Distance: 68.09 mi
Time: 4.33.57

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ride - Sunday, 12 September

In addition to commuting on the newly chained on Thursday (stats below), M and I had a good training-style ride out and back to Stone Mountain on Sunday. It was a good ride, the weather was great: it was sunny and warm, but not too hot and just a little windy. The ride was easy, too: rolling hills the whole way. I am totally ready for Saturday, though it will be sad and difficult to ride a full 100.

I think the 30 miles yesterday, then, are a good start to my week of tapering (read: commuting, because I'll be at the outlet mall on Wednesday).

Thursday stats:
Maximum speed: 27.4 mph
Average speed: 11.6 mph
Distance: 4.56 mi
Time: 0.23.37

Sunday stats:
Maximum speed: 28.9 mph
Average speed: 13.8 mph
Distance: 30.89 mi
Time: 2.14.08

I'm also looking forward to trying out one of these Android sports trackers... it tracks altitude and plots maps and all of that!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


As you, dear readers, may know, I'm planning on riding three more centuries (or so) this season. That requires more training (or at least maintenance) time on the bike. Why, you may ask yourself, have I been so quiet on this blog, if I have to maintain ~100 miles/week to be ready for the next ride in a a few weeks?

Well, to be brief, it's not my fault. Not entirely.

To be less brief, I was stymied by two (three) facts:
1. Tuesday-Friday last week I had a muscle spasm in my upper back, and I could hardly sit, much less ride.
2. My bike needed adjustment (see my previous post, especially the part about ghost shifting).
(3. Although my back has been better for half a week, what with classes and dogsitting and not getting a decent night's sleep, I've been too preoccupied, which is to say lazy, to get to the shop)

However, all that has been remedied. The back, just as suddenly as it struck, got better (OK OK, so there are twinges here and there when I run or walk or carry things, but it's better, all right?). The bike, $70 later, got fixed.

What was wrong with the bike? It was not, as we thought, a cable tension issue (no surprise, since it couldn't be fixed via barrel adjustment). Neither was it a bent hanger (also no surprise, since I hadn't dropped the bike, and the problem struck after 85 miles of nearly constant riding). Instead, as I had initially suspected, I had jacked the chain. Recall: I dropped the chain at about mile 85. Recall again that it got royally jammed up in the crank. And, finally, recall that, immediately after it had gotten unjammed, the chain dropped (and jammed) again. It was then that the problem started. During those two chain drops, I bent at least one link beyond repair, and replacing the most offensive link did not solve the problem. So, I got a new chain (and, with it, adjustment of the front derailleur to avoid chain drops in the future). And, for good measure, they checked the hanger and there wasn't any problem there.


Now I can ride to school again, though yesterday's walks to and from were quite pleasant, and I can get back to training. Woooooooooohoooo!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Wilson 101: Post-Game Report

I did it, folks. Here's the rundown.

Wheels down at 8:15a. Light breeze, mid-upper 70s, and overcast skies. A few miles in, it started to drizzle lightly. No big deal, it was refreshing and cool, though I immediately regretted not putting on my booties (they were left, forlornly, at the start in the car). About 7 of us were in a pace line, zipping along.

At mile 50, we had stopped at two of the three SAG stops and were averaging around 16mph.

At mile 61 we stopped at a SAG stop for water and to stretch because the wind had picked up and one of us was struggling. Discover the struggle was likely due to a soft tire. We refill the tire, vow to keep an eye on it, and take off into newly pouring (and slightly chilly because of the stop) rain.

Mile 65ish, we stop to change the now-flat tire; rain lets up and doesn't get worse than a drizzle for the remainder of the ride.

Mile 73 we stop to put proper air in the tire and keep on.

Mile ~76 I realize I hadn't turned on the computer since the previous stop, costing me 3.5 miles of stats.

Mile 85 I drop my chain. Fix it, pedal three strokes, drop the chain again. Both times it gets jammed up in the crank. Fix it, pedal, rear derailleur starts ghost shifting up and down the cassette. Unfixable on the road, so I ride like that for the remainder of the ride, with the Gaps coaches keeping an eye on the bike and me company. Couldn't shift in front, to avoid dropping chain again.

Mile 97 hit the one hill on the course: short and steep. Knees aching from poor gearing for previous twelve miles, extra tension on chain causes bike to take sympathy on me and my knees and it shifts to granny in front just long enough for me to make it up the hill without dropping chain or having to walk.

Mile 101, I finished happily and with enough energy to keep riding, except for the mechanical issues.

All told, I'd say it was a success. Except for my quads tightening after the series of stops in the rain for the tire (they eventually worked out), and the achey knees, I felt great for the whole ride. Pace lining the whole ride was fun and awesome, and the TEAM was great. I had a great time and was only disappointed that I couldn't ride back to join Diane and Curtis for their finish, since they were my most frequent riding buddies this season : (

Stats (the 3.5 miles are accounted for within):
Maximum speed: 37.1 mph
Average speed: 15.7 mph
Distance: 102.30 mi
Time: 6.31.36

And, just as a point of interest, I burned 4,246 calories on the ride. That's offset by the fact that I feel like all I did yesterday was eat.

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Big Day: Preflections

As the actual event has yet to occur, I can't really truly reflect on it. I can, however, reflect on the training and season thus far. Because I am doing this with an eye on the ride on Sunday (a for-real milestone in my life), I consider this a preflection: a looking forward to things to come.

Looking back, since I began training in May:

- I have logged 998.45 miles
- I have burned over 30,000 calories
- I have lost 5 lbs
- I have ridden a longest-ever ride four times
- I have raised $2,250, almost exclusively from private donors

Come Sunday, I will ride 100 miles in support of those whose lives have been impacted by blood cancers. I will do so with survivors and those who (like me) have never been ill; with experienced cyclists and those who had never ridden before and are on borrowed bikes. I will ride with people old enough to be my parents or grandparents, and with people even younger than I am. I will be riding with some teammates for whom this is the third (or sixth, or tenth) event with TNT, and with those who, like me, are new to the TEAM. Most importantly, I will be riding with my new friends, who have come together for this cause.

Our reasons for riding are varied and personal, and range from the originally selfish (me) to the selfless (everyone else). The important thing, though, is that we ride.

My sincerest and most heartfelt thanks go to everyone for their support, both financial and moral, while I trained for this event. I have been fortunate not to have had any setbacks in my training and more fortunate still to never suffer from a major illness such as leukemia or lymphoma,so that I could ride for those who have.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Training Rides - Saturday and Sunday, 21-22 August

On Saturday we didn't have our usual long GTR, as it was the TNT All Sports Group Training Session (and picnic!) We met at the Galloway School in Sandy Springs. I say we met, but really I showed up late because I couldn't figure out where to park and 3 miles up I85 I had to turn back to the apartment because I'd forgotten every possible form of ID I could carry. I called C and he hung back and waited for me. Good thing, too, because without riding with him (and E, who we eventually ended up with), we would've ridden at least the full 25 miles and a killer hill, instead of foregoing that hill (and five miles in the bargain) and going only 19 miles. There were plenty of hills without the one, and certainly more than enough on the ride on Sunday to make up for it, so I wouldn't say I missed it in any way. (Apparently, it varied between 9 and 10% grade which, in a word, blows.)

Stats (Saturday):
Maximum speed: 32.4 mph
Average speed: 13.1 mph
Distance: 19.35 mi
Time: 1.28.25

It was slower than I would have liked, but still a pleasant ride. Sunday's ride was also slow. I rode with R ("partner") and it was very enjoyable until about mile 45, at which point we hit the hills in Vinings/Sandy Springs (where we rode out of) and the heat and sun finally made themselves known. It was basically the same route that we'd taken during my last GTR before vacation, except with more hills (we started farther north) and 10 fewer miles of flat (no Silk Sheets). So, in a ride that was 10 miles shorter, we had more hills and fewer flats, so it was suck. It started nice and overcast and cool, but even when the sun first came out it wasn't too hot. As I said, it was only the last 15 miles or so that we began hating it. I don't feel bad for going so slowly because of all the hills. R and I decided that they picked such a crappy route so that next week (the Big Event) would be a breeze by comparison. I'd do 100 flat/rolling miles over 62 hilly miles any day. I am also, again, grateful for not deciding to do the Six Gap century, because that would suck a nut.

Stats (Sunday):
Maximum speed: 39.5 mph (wheeeee! that was on the way out)
Average speed: 13.1 mph
Distance: 61.70 mi
Time: 4.42.05

I'm so excited for the ride this weekend! Go Team!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 18 August

Last night, D and I rode the Silver Comet. We left at 6, and by the end it was obvious that the sun is setting earlier. That's very exciting, as it means the end of 95+ degree days is nigh. That didn't mean that yesterday was any cooler, but, under the canopy of the trail and in the twilight, it was mostly bearable.

Yesterday was also the first day I tried out my bike after I got it fit two weeks ago. Despite some cramping in my feet (I adjusted the cleats at Floyd and there was no more problem), I liked it. It will take a little getting used to, the shorter/lower stem, but there wasn't any pain and I felt good.

Maximum speed: 22.0 mph
Average speed: 13.8 mph
Distance: 27.37 mi
Time: 1.58.17

I think I'll be in good shape for the centuries I have planned for fall. How exciting! I hope to keep up my training, to a degree, so that I will hit the ground running come spring.

"Training" Ride - Wednesday, 11 August

While in the Adirondacks, I hardly rode at all. This is partly due to the fact that I was running, hiking, swimming, water skiing, and over-eating and didn't have much time left. This is also due to the fact that I didn't have my bike, just my (taller) Mom's hybrid to tootle around on.

Despite that, Dad and I went for a nice ride along South Shore Road to Old Forge, had lunch, and then came back. The best parts? Cool weather, low humidity, lunch, and ice cream. The worst parts? Swamp ass to the extreme and discomfort from riding in a skirt because Mom tilts her seat back.

Still, it was a pleasant ride. But, the stats got cleared from the computer, so this is all rough.

Maximum speed: ~22 mph
Average speed: 14.5 mph
Distance: 28 mi
Time: whatever that works out to be

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Training Ride - Saturday, 31 July

Well, folks, you might have noticed another week of total silence (except for the update about last week's GTR). And, you might have thought to yourself "Megan's slacking off again." And, you would be right. I didn't ride this week after the GTR in Peachtree City, but I did do 2+ hours of yard work on Sunday, and I have run/walked/hiked between 2 and 4 miles every day this week. And my entire body is exhausted and tired. So, it was with all of this weighing on me that I joined the TEAM today for a 70-mile jaunt from Vinings past Six Flags and Douglasville.

It was a long, hot day.

My right knee (especially) is really sore -- I need to get my bike fitted. Fortunately, it's not really the knee so much as it is the tendon, which is why I'm pretty sure that it's just a fit issue. Also, notice I said we rode out of Vinings. My old nemesis from an epic fail of a recovery ride from a few weeks ago. I made it through all of those hills--TWICE. That's why my knee(s) hurt(s). (My left knee joint hurts, and has hurt, and I attribute that to the jogging/hiking).

I did not feel great today on the ride, though my speed was pretty good until we hit the hot hills toward the end. My stomach was upset at first, and my legs were tired and knees were achey (like flu achey) and then I was just hot and tired. Around mile 40 I decided that I hated the ride (but not to the point of quitting or cursing at the world, just wanted it to be over). As you can see, dear readers, I made it to the end, as I knew I would, and I'm proud of myself. I just need to be awesome this week before heading up north and be on the bike as much as I can. I think I will also ask Dad to bring his and Mom's bikes to the lake after all. Or, I'll find a gym and spin for an hour a day. I just need to ride.

Maximum speed: 35.4 mph
Average speed: 14.5 mph
Distance: 17.44 mi
Time: 4.54.16

Monday, July 26, 2010

YTD Mileage

Hi kids,

I feel the need to brag a little bit here. For the last several years, my seasonal goal has been to ride 1000 miles. I almost made it in 2008, when I was short by only about 80 miles (I'm still disappointed with myself, because I hardly rode after August that year, so there was no excuse, really, except laziness).

This year, however, I have made it, in no small part due to my training with TNT for the Wilson 100.

Since January (13 January, to be specific), I have ridden 1004.39 miles. Since 12 May (when I began training), I have ridden 786.76 miles. That's a lot of miles (especially when one considers that my commute is only 5 miles round-trip... at the longest).

I am thrilled to have finally reached that goal, and hope to double it (?!) this year. It shouldn't be too difficult, given the possible plan of riding a couple more centuries this fall, and the obvious need to train for them.

Training Ride - GTR Saturday, 24 July

Sorry for the silence, folks. I really did ride on Saturday, but I didn't have my computer with me and I didn't want to hijack M's for the purpose of posting here. I know you have been champing at the bit for an update, so here goes.

Saturday's ride was hot. Very hot. I mean hot. But, despite the very, very, intense, oppressive heat and humidity, the ride was basically awesome. I did drop my chain in the first 10 miles (that pissed me off, believe me) but, as we were in PTC, it wasn't too much of an issue because the ride was mostly rollers, with only a few rises. And, better still, it was a large portion of what we will be riding in one month. That's right, boys and girls, the Big Day is about one month away, on 29 August.

You may not realize it, but I am stoked. Saturday was awesome, yes it was hot and I was sweaty, but I felt GREAT afterward. I am considering riding another century (not with TNT) here in GA (there's one in September in Cartersville, which is where we trained last week, and it was amazing), and a couple of others in October and November. Pretty freaking sweet.

Anyway, I felt like a freaking champ-een after the ride on Saturday, except for a whanging headache that kicked in around 4:00p. I swear, I drink so much water on the ride (and before... and after...) I don't understand this dehydration thing. I will keep at it, and try to hydrate even MORE the day before the ride, but that's the best I can do.

Maximum speed: 33.3 mph
Average speed: 15.6 mph
Distance: 59.58 mi
Time: 3.48.15

I'm making damn good time on these rides (of course, this is riding time and doesn't include stopping time), and see no reason why I can't do this sucker real quick-like.

Yesterday (Sunday), I was supposed to do a recovery ride of about 30 miles. Instead, I went to Tucker to help L with her yard work -- it was easily in the mid-ninties by 11:00 when I got to her house, but we trooped on, being very conscientious about getting hydration breaks. Two and a half hours of hard, hot labor later, my legs were ready to give out, but we were done. So, I think that counts quite nicely as a recovery, as my legs were moving and working. I hate stairs.

I am looking forward to toodling around at the lake in a couple weeks. Even if it is hilly, it'll be a change in scenery and environment, and a proper vacation. w00t!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lack of Training - all week, folks

You, dear readers, might have noticed some relative silence on the UC blog this week (since Sunday, mostly). Due to a deadline (tonight, Thursday), and an oppressive lack of motivation this week, I did not get on the bike. I am in Cumming (after a panicky drive up to get help with SAS out of fear that I would, yet again, not have results for a deadline) and, while I have the bike, I in the car and hacking away on the computer when the ride out of here would have started last night.

I had hoped to make up the ride tonight, but that didn't happen, either. I did, however, pick a boatload of elderberries in preparation for the weekend so, in some regards, I was successful. I think that by getting both berries AND, more importantly, results and a proposal that my advisor said was well written (actually, "you are getting good at writing!" which Mrs. Short has always known: it's surprising what not being under the gun will do for one's fluency) I had a good week.

It doesn't mean that 60 miles on Saturday won't be killer, but maybe this was a good excuse? I still kind of hate myself for missing the ride, but if it weren't for self-loathing, would anything ever get done? I'll consider it the path to self-improvement.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Training Ride, Part II- Sunday, 18 July

I must say I feel an awful lot better about myself. Diane rules -- she said she might right tonight, so I joined her for an out and back on the Silver Comet. Becky came, too, and it was just a really nice ride. It was warm, but the rain we got was refreshing and oh so nice. It was really beautiful out, and I had a great time when we saw a rainbow (it was perfect weather for a rainbow, but even expecting/hoping for a rainbow doesn't make it any less wonderful. Thanks, refraction!

Anyway, as I said, I feel much less worthless after getting on the bike again, bringing today's total to about 30 miles, which is what I was supposed to do in the first place. And, I had a great time and enjoyed the company the whole way.

Maximum speed: 21.3 mph
Average speed: 13.3 mph
Distance: 16.20 mi
Time: 1.12.48

Training Ride - Sunday, 18 July

Today I joined the Kirkwood ride, thinking that it was going to go out to Stone Mtn. I'm partly glad we didn't and partly disappointed we didn't (the disappointment is really all in myself). I rode out to the start of the ride and then after that I stayed with the group for another nine miles or so. We rode right past my apartment and I was mentally exhausted and I'd already had it in my head that I would peel off at that point. I have been kicking myself for that since... it was supposed to be 30 miles. I am a pud. I feel like, to make it up to myself (and the TEAM?) I should go run a mile or two or get back on the bike.

I'm so disappointed.

Maximum speed: 29.3 mph
Average speed: 13.0 mph
Distance: 13.42 mi
Time: 1.01.47

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Training Ride - GTR Saturday, 17 July

This morning I woke up at around sunrise to walk the dog before the ride this morning. We rode in Cartersville, about an hour north of here. It was neat because it, like Silk Sheets, is a popular ride (understandably), so there were a lot of cyclists (and runners, weird) at the parking lot. We rode out of the Budweiser factory there, pretty cool.

The ride itself was really great -- I averaged 16.5 or so for the first 20-30 miles and slowed down from there because I thought I was lost (I was, sort of). It was SO nice out -- overcast so there wasn't a hot hot sun, and it never got above the mid-eighties, even when the sun finally peeked out with about 10 miles left to go. It was still humid (and hot), but to nowhere the extent it has been the last few GTRs. Also, the route was amazing. Slow rollers, a few "climbs", but nothing bad or unpleasant. The way back was a little uphill, but not to the point where you couldn't still spin up it. I caught and passed some people, too, on the way back. That was pretty satisfying. I wish Cville weren't so far away, because I could seriously ride that route every day and not complain. It was amazing.

Maximum speed: 34.4 mph
Average speed: 15.4 mph
Distance: 55.25 mi
Time: 3.34.51

This was my longest ride EVER, so it's SUPER great to have had such a positive experience. Go Team!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Training Ride - Friday, 16 July

Tonight I set out with the expectation of doing today's miles (5) as well as the miles I was supposed to ride on Tuesday (10) but didn't because of the thunderstorm and I got back to the apartment late. I ended up riding about 5.5 mi because my legs were lead and I didn't want to wear them out before the GTR tomorrow morning (I have to leave at 7a at the latest! gah! to ride 55 mi! gah!)

I just rode along the Freedom Park trail, an out and back. It was nothing, but at least it wasn't completely flat.

Maximum speed: 28.2 mph
Average speed: 13.8 mph
Distance: 5.54 mi
Time: 0.24.09

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 14 July

Happy Bastille Day! If it weren't for those French rabblerousers, we would have to make fun of an entirely different country. Let them eat cake, indeed!

Today I rode the intown ride again, though I think it was a different route than we've done in the past. I noticed today that we rode past Agnes Scott, so either this is the first time I've looked up in the last month or it really was a new route. It felt pretty good, though slow (hilly! hilly!) and my legs were heavy from the beginning. It was also very hot and, having ridden my bike to the start, I noticed it. I drank my water very fast and at about a fifth of the way into the ride I'd drunk well over half my water. It was really hot. But not the kind of hot when it's in the middle of the day and you're on open roads and can feel the heat radiating off the pavement and from the sun... it was merely an atmospheric hot, which is, apparently, worse.

Maximum speed: 35.0 mph
Average speed: 13.1 mph
Distance: 23.38 mi
Time: 1.46.48

I could've tacked on an extra couple miles by riding home, but I was convinced that getting a beer at the restaurant afterward would be a better use of my time.

Also, there are times I just don't like me. Oh well, I like to think we all have those moments. Maybe.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Training Ride - Sunday, 7 July

This morning I woke up before dawn (4:00a!) to join Becky and several hundred other cyclists for the Hospitality Highway ride. We rode the 25-mile loop and had a GREAT time. It was hilly, but it turned out to be OK. A number of people walked their bikes up the various hills, but I proudly made it to the top of each one.

As it was a recovery ride, I took it easy and had a really good time riding with Becky around Roswell. The ride gets its name because the first three miles are on GA 400, which gets shut down for half an hour (6:30a-7:00a) on the day of the ride. It was such a neat experience being on the freeway without cars and just having a good time being on the bike at sunrise.

It was also a good experience because now I know what mass starts are like on bicycles. To be brief: they suck. It was really cool to see people of all ages and abilities out on the 4 routes (8, 25, 62, 100 miles), but getting behind a lot of people who are on the shorter loops and, apparently, aren't used to hilly or longer road rides is frustrating. It was also maddening to be behind people who, if they couldn't make it up a hill, would just stop in the middle of the lane and get off their bikes without looking to see if there was anyone behind them (as it was at the beginning of the ride, there were LOTS of people behind them). So, despite the poor etiquette (I blame it on the assumption that these people just haven't ridden on the road or in groups often -- simple ignorance and not disregard for other riders).

The rest stop was at the top of a long, slow climb at about 10 miles in. It was weird to have a rest stop so early, but nice to have a break at the top of the hill. We climbed that hill twice on the route, today: the second time was at the end of the ride. Literally: climb hill, turn left, stop. Strange route, but very satisfying.

Maximum speed: 29.7 mph
Average speed: 13.0 mph
Distance: 24.30 mi
Time: 1.51.22

Also, I was all over my gears today because of the various climbs and descents, and I didn't have any problems shifting. I hope that means that I'm in the clear.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Year-to-Date Progress

So far this year (beginning in January when I started commuting to school by bike) I have logged ~800 miles (799.98!) on the bike. Considering there have been a number of times where the computer didn't work or I outright forgot to turn it on, I am only 200 miles away from my seasonal goal of 1000 miles.

Why is this such a big deal for a girl who's been riding for 5 years? Because I've never reached 1000 miles in a single season yet. I came close a few years ago, missing the goal by about 80 miles (two rides! I'm still embarrassed that I couldn't squeeze out 80 miles in August-December a couple years ago).

Riding is, generally, a catharsis. The sayings about bad days at golf and fishing (or leisure "nothing-box" activities in general) hold at least as true for cycling: it's spiritual, peaceful, rewarding and, even if you have to talk yourself into getting on the bike and riding (which is never a pleasant place to be in, mentally), the end result is, 99% of the time, intense satisfaction.

I'm really glad that I joined the TEAM this year -- I've been feeling guilty hitting people up for money (I could have just joined any club and ridden this summer) -- it gave me something to strive for and gave me a non-selfish reason (sort of?) to get on the bike and do the distances that I want to do, and an obligation to get on the bike and actually do them.

Training Ride - GTR Saturday, 10 July

Today we rode the same route (Silk Sheets) as last week, so it was fun to ride it again and compare times. I was faster by .1mph this week, but I think that's because I was in No Man's Land for the first 16 miles and averaged 16.9mph during that time -- it was hard core and brutal. At 16mi we had our first SAG stop, at which I hooked up with Curtis and rode at a much more reasonable pace. I think that first 16 miles took a lot out of me, the ride felt harder than it did last week (though it was also hotter, we started a little later, etc).

All told, though, it was a REALLY good ride. I felt good, I had only minor shifting problems (Coach Dave adjusted the front derailleur, so I should be OK *knock on wood*), I know how to fix the shoes/pedals problem, and my knee didn't bother me. What a great day!

Maximum speed: 32.7 mph
Average speed: 15.5 mph
Distance: 50.46 mi
Time: 3.14.35

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 7 July

Tonight I am in Cumming, so I joined one of the rides out here. Apparently they ride the same route every Wednesday, so there aren't any cue sheets or anything. This is important, because it meant that I started off with the C (beginner -- in every sense of the word) group, as the B2 group (the next slowest) averages 17-18 mph and I am not that fast (or maybe I am and just haven't pushed myself).

The website said that the groups ride 28 miles, but the C group only ride 18 miles, and I didn't find that out until 9 miles in, when we had stopped (to, as it turns out, turn around and go back). That was a little disappointing, but still an enjoyable ride. The people were nice, and a couple of the ladies I rode with said that they often join the B2 group and pull up the rear. Except for dropping my chain (and getting it jammed in the front rings) it was good.

Maximum speed: 35.6 mph
Average speed: 15.4 mph
Distance: 8.01 mi
Time: 1.10.09

The schedule that TNT sent out was formatted wonky, but if I read it correctly (not a given), this is the week that we go from 3 to 4 (5?) weekly rides, and all of those should have their mileage upped. I don't think 18 miles is going to cut it, but I did ride to and from school yesterday (and walked like 7 miles the last two days), so that counts for something, right? Right?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Training Ride - Saturday, 3 July

Today the GTR wasn't organized, so a number of us rode Silk Sheets. We were going to ride 40 but, at the rest stop, a few of us opted to add on an extra 10-mile loop. It was great! Except for my turning off my computer at the rest stop the first time and forgetting to start it up again for about a mile, it was a great ride! I can understand the name Silk Sheets -- I could totally do it every weekend. I am looking forward to tomorrow's recovery ride, too. Yea! It'll be like an 80-mile weekend!

Maximum speed: 29.2 mph
Average speed: 15.4 mph
Distance: 49.31 mi
Time: 3.10.55

(notice that these stats are based on the slightly shortened distance due to my forgetting to turn on the computer -- I really did ride ~50.5 miles)

After a week of tough rides, what a great day!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 30 June

Today I rode out of the Highlands again. It was basically the same route as last Wednesday, with a few different turns here and there. I felt really good and rode faster than I did last week. I was actually very surprised to see that. After Monday's ride I was hoping for a good outing today, and I'm pleased that I had one--on paper, at least. I ran this morning--Starburst and I thought today would be a good one for Office Dog Day, so Sikari and I ran the mile and a half into school. We made good time, but it killed my legs. I'm glad I ran, but the lesson is that it's a bad idea to run on a ride day. And it's especially bad to run cold on any day. So my legs were lead for the ride, but it was enjoyable all the same. Definitely an improvement over Monday.

Maximum speed: 36.6 mph
Average speed: 13.1 mph
Distance: 25.44 mi
Time: 1.55.40

Also, on a personal note, I'm happy to report that I've left the weight loss plateau and am down 3-4 pounds since returning from break.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Training Ride - Monday, 28 June

Today was a terrible ride. I'm just going to put it out there. I hated it. Reasons it, and therefore, I, was so miserable:

1. I mistook "GA Tech-Vinings Recovery Ride" to be just that, and did not expect constant hills to climb.
2. I left at around 2:30p, and it was very very hot and sunny. With about 4 miles left to get back to Tech I ran out of water and Gatorade.
3. I got lost (or at least couldn't find my correct turn) no fewer than 3 times. Each time I missed a turn meant that I had to climb a hill again. One street I went up and down two times and couldn't find it. At that point I called the ride quits (it was about halfway anyway) and turned around (and missed my turn on the way back).
4. I had problems shifting the whole ride: after adjusting the front derailleur last Sunday, I now have difficulty shifting to the middle from the big AND from the small rings.
5. I had constant trouble unclipping from my pedals, making stops treacherous and frustrating.
6. I could hardly hold up my head, my neck was so sore and stiff. I have gotten a stiff neck in the past, but never so quickly into a ride. I attribute it this time to be partially due to the climbs and having to hold my head differently to see uphill and partially due to the fact that I jacked my shoulders on Saturday filling my tires with the crappy pump.

I basically was constantly yelling at the hills, my shoes, the bike, my neck, everything. I was angry and frustrated and angry. Fury doesn't describe it. It was hatred of the whole thing.

Basically, it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ride. It was slow, it sucked, and I hated every minute of it. I had the refrain "you can't" and "give up" and "who could you call to pick you up, even though you couldn't tell them where you are?" going through my head for the duration of the way back to school. I was so frustrated that I just wanted to cry. It was such a miserable ride. I want to cry even now, everything went so wrong. The only bright side to the whole damn thing was that by adding so many extra climbs when I turned around, it meant that I got to go downhill at least a little bit more.

Let no more be said about the ride except that at least it's over.


Maximum speed: 31.5 mph
Average speed: 12.0 mph
Distance: 22.79 mi
Time: 1.53.05

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Training Ride - GTR Saturday, 26 June

Today we rode out of Stone Mountain, through Decatur (got it right this time), into Little Five and midtown, and then back out... maybe I got Decatur in there in the wrong order (or maybe we went through twice?), but that's roughly what we did. It was a really good ride, albeit hot at the end. We didn't practice any special techniques besides pace lines toward the end, but it was great to get out with the TEAM again and get to know some of the riders better.

Maximum speed: 31.8 mph
Average speed: 14.2 mph
Distance: 40.27 mi
Time: 2.49.17

See? Good ride. It was a little slow, probably in no small part because of the heat as the day progressed, but I think it also had to do with the fact that Stone Mtn/Atlanta are hillier than PTC. I think we still made good time for a 40-mile ride. I felt great immediately afterward, but by the time I got to the third patio challenge patio (third one overall, not third one today) I was totally drained and I could feel my head shrinking. I chalk this up to the massive amount of sun I had up to and including that point, the very hot heat (mid-nineties, again) and the lots of fluids I'd been drinking.

Wait, strike that last one. That should've helped...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 23 June

I did not want to ride tonight. I mean I REALLY didn't want to ride. I was really tired, my legs (and body) were lead, and I had no idea where I would ride 20 miles in town. Knowing that I would regret missing today's ride big time (and no alternative plan for a ride tomorrow), I e-mailed the TEAM asking for recommendations. One teammate suggested a ride that leaves from the Highlands every Wednesday and, after hemming and hawing (and a premonition of kicking myself if I bailed) I joined them.

I'm so glad I did. A lot of my struggle today was talking myself into meeting yet another bike group. Even though I have seen time and again that cyclists are friendly and welcoming, I always am so intimidated by the mere act of just showing up the first time. Today was another such day, but I talked myself into joining them and it was a good ride--a little slower than I would have liked, but that's to be expected in the city. Today I truly was an urban cyclist.

Maximum speed: 32.8 mph
Average speed: 12.8 mph
Distance: 20.63 mi
Time: 1.36.42

There's about a half-mile of stats missing in there from the beginning; we stopped at an Honored Hero's home (Warren) and I took off my computer there and forgot to put it back on until about half a mile later. Whoops.

It was a really neat ride today. We started in the Highlands and then rode around Emory and Decator (is that spelled right? It looks funny) and Avondale. It was so nice to find neighborhoods in which there aren't stop signs every few feet (and those that there were we "ignored"); what a surprise to find a great ride in the city!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Training Ride - Sunday, 20 June

I was really (REALLY) tired this morning. I woke up a little before seven, walked the dog, ate breakfast (twice!) and was barely awake for all of those ~3 hours. So I took a nap, instead of riding before noon while it was still relatively cool.

That means that at 1:00, when I was awake enough to ride, it was really freaking hot. I went with Nick to the Silver Comet Trail for today's recovery ride, and it was nice. Despite the heat, it was a really nice and relaxing ride: no pressure, and lots of shade on most of the trail. I seem to have lost my travel pump (I think I left it on the trunk of the car when I drove off from PTC after yesterday's ride) and need to replace it.

Anyway, the ride was smooth and relaxed and it was nice to hang out with Nick. I'm glad I thought to call him and that he's amazing at getting past jet lag.

Maximum speed: 18.5 mph
Average speed: 13.4 mph
Distance: 14.16 mi

I will say that two breakfasts is not ideal, especially if either of them involves Waffle House. Ugh. I will never lose weight if I keep eating like this.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Training Ride - GTR Saturday, 19 June

Today was the first day I was finally able to ride with the team, and it was great! Just like bike clubs, there were all ages and abilities and everyone was super friendly. It was wonderful! We rode out of Peachtree City (and, seriously, two different types of golf cart crossing signs is a bit much, not to mention the special paths they drive on around town) and, while it was hot, it was certainly bearable. Yea!

Maximum speed: 31.7 mph
Average speed: 14.9 mph
Distance: 41.27 mi
Time: 2.45.15

I was only expecting a 35-mile ride today, but 41 was a pleasant surprise. Additionally, some of the roads we were on are going to be on the century route, and they were rolling at worst (in terms of hills), gorgeous, and just so nice. It really was a great ride. I started out with some ladies who were quite a bit slower than I am, but when a couple of people came into view ahead of us, I was given the go ahead to catch them, which I did with ease (about 5 miles in). After that, it was a fabulous ride (before then it was a nice ride, just a little slow for me).

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 16 June

I did this in two parts, partly because I had already planned on commuting to school this morning and partly because there was a thunderstorm brewing and I got caught in rain about 6 miles in tonight. I road around Cumming, since I was up there getting my car fixed (yea, I have A/C and blowers now!) The road the house is on is actually part of a weekly route for one of the cycling clubs in Cumming (this club has 4 groups that ride on Wednesdays, it was incredible to see so many cyclists out at once), and I ended up passing them at two different points on my ride (going uphill both times, I swear I wanted to say something about how I was obviously going the wrong way as they whipped by).

C grew up in the area and told me a safe route to go and, while I missed a turn (but was able to make up for it with my keen sense of direction), it ended up being a very nice ride. It was pretty, the area was nice. My only regret is that, by missing the turn, I didn't get the fabulous payoff at the end of coming down the beautifully steep hill that I started off climbing (it was a 2% grade, so not bad, just about a half mile long and from a dead stop).

Commute Stats:
Maximum speed: 28.1 mph
Average speed: 12.0 mph
Distance: 5.10 mi
Time: 0.25.34

Cumming Stats:
Maximum speed: 32.7 mph
Average speed: 15.8 mph
Distance: 11.28 mi
Time: 0.42.42

With the open offer to stop there whenever I feel like it, especially on Wednesdays, I am considering going to Cumming and joining their weekly Wednesday ride.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Training - Friday, 11 June

Today's training ride started out great and ended up mostly OK. Dad wanted to test the 25-mi Tour de Cure route to see if he would be able to do it on Sunday; since it starts in Mendon Ponds, we rode out there and that contributed to the extra 10 miles I needed for my 35-mile at-pace ride today.

It turns out that it's actually a pretty nice route. Some small hills but nothing too obnoxious. My rear tire was totally flat when we left, which was a surprise since I had ridden on Wednesday without a problem. Deciding it must be a slow flat, I took Dad's advice and inflated it and took off. As this is a training-not-complaining blog, I will not discuss that any further.

I can't remember much of the ride at all, just that I felt pretty good. Apparently I drank a lot during the ride (or, more likely, during the couple of stops to wait) because with 11 miles left I had about 4 oz. of gatorade/water left. I rationed, but it was a struggle. At mile 29 my legs got wobbly and I could tell I was low on sugar. Even so, on the last 11 miles I raised my average speed from 14.9 to 15.1 mph, so it couldn't have been bad. I think that, by that point, I just wanted to go home (I remember yelling at myself at some point, out loud) so I pushed it.

The stats:
Maximum speed: 34.6 mph
Average speed: 15.1 mph
Distance: 35.28 mi
Time: 2.19.43

All told, I feel pretty good, it was just rough going for a couple miles toward the end. It was a really pretty ride, through the farm country in Mendon, Rush, Honeoye Falls, and Pittsford.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 9 June

Today I woke up and the sky was overcast and dreary. Oh, and it was cold. I don't mean freezing cold like winter in the NE sense. I mean cold like, even though I grew up in NY it's still strange to have a 53-degree day in June sense. I think the high today was 63. It wasn't bad, but it would've been more bearable if there had been some sun. It was quite the contrast with yesterday.

Given the weather, it shouldn't come as a surprise that I had a hard time motivating myself to ride more than the required 15 miles today. It would have been nice to have one last Wednesday ride with the bike club, but I just wasn't feeling it. I almost didn't ride at all, but I knew that, even if I were to make it up tomorrow I would hate myself for delaying the ride, especially given how difficulty it will be to get in 55 miles this weekend, what with all the travel I have to do.

(Now that I think about it, though, I may just go for a 35-mile ride on Friday and then do the 20-mile recovery ride on Saturday in PA once I get to ARA's. That doesn't sound too bad, actually.)

Anyway, all I did was an out-and-back on the canal path, just to say that I did it and not hate myself for being a complete waste of air today.

Maximum speed: 25.9 mph
Average speed: 15.1 mph
Distance: 14.97 mi
Time: 0.59.15

I'm looking forward to getting back to GA so that I can meet and start training with my team, as well has have my regular 5 mi commutes each day. I think that sounds just about heavenly.

For those following along at home, tomorrow, if the weather holds, I will make some headway on the deck. There's no reason I can't finish sanding the damn thing, at least, as long as it's dry.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Training Ride - Saturday, 5 June

Today was supposed to be 30 miles. There was no way that was going to happen, and for two very good reasons.

1. I had to work on the deck, as it was a good day. After the 2.5 hours I spent on it today, there are still (by my estimation) about 11.5 hours of work remaining and only a week in which to squeeze them.

2. I am marching in the Mendon parade tonight. Yes, it's only a couple of miles, but it's a couple of miles with a 50lb snare drum slung over my shoulder. And I have to be there at 5:30p. If I had started the deck (and then lunch and then my ride) a couple hours earlier (i.e., 9:00a) I could've gotten a full 30 miles in.

As it is, I did 20 miles, and the first 10 were into a headwind. It was just not my day, so instead of the ambitious hilly route I had planned on doing for 17 miles I did 20 on the canal. Smart thing. I will do 20-25 miles tomorrow, instead of 15, to make up for the ten I missed today. Tomorrow is going to be brutal.

Maximum speed: 27.9 mph
Average speed: 15.2 mph
Distance: 20.23 mi
Time: 1.19.39

To illustrate the significance of the headwind, today's route was purely an out-and-back: same terrain in both directions. OUT I averaged 14.3 mph and BACK I was able to bring that up to 15.2. Killer.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Training Ride - Friday, 4 June

Today I wasn't scheduled for a ride at all, so I thought I would take a leisurely route with one of my best friends from high school. We went through (by?) the village to get to the bank, where I could then deposit some of the cash donations made in the last week. We caught the canal path at Lock 32 on the way back and, despite the several miles of cinder trail, had a pleasant ride to the basin. We even got Tom Wahl's root beer, and I didn't cramp. yea!

Maximum speed: 34.6 mph
Average speed: 11.8 mph
Distance: 13.70 mi
Time: 1.09.34

This, as I said, was a nice little "unofficial" ride, and it makes me think that maybe 5-10 miles per day will be a nice way to get out of the house on off days and just enjoy myself.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 2 June

Tonight was great. I rode with the bike club out of Mendon Ponds again, on a 26-mile route. I was the slow person, and I've come to realize that I need to stretch or otherwise warm up right before going out on these rides. It turns out I maintained a good pace on the slightly hilly route, and the faster group was always in sight, but I felt like crap right at the beginning while my legs got into it.

Then we caught the group and I stayed with them for the last 7 miles or so. It was just the few hills at the beginning that knocked me out. I was actually going pretty quickly, averaging around 16 for the first part of the ride, too, but I felt lousy.

Maximum speed: 32.8 mph
Average speed: 16.3 mph
Distance: 25.67 mi
Time: 1.34.19

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Training Ride - Sunday, 30 May

Today I had to ride 15 miles below pace. I did around 8 miles just below pace, and it was all uphill. I should've ridden the 15, but the 8 out was to the family picnic and I was dehydrated with a whanging headache by the end and just couldn't see riding my bike home.

Maximum speed: 25.5 mph
Average speed: 14.0 mph
Distance: 7.83 mi
Time: 0.33.35

I rode up to Mendon Ponds Park, where we had a nice picnic. The dogs were there, so was a lot of food (but I still didn't go over my calorie count until I got home and had a fudgsicle, which I do not feel guilty about). I just didn't have enough water while I was there and that, combined with the sun, was just too much. It's a shame, I would've liked the ride home. It's OK, though. There's a parade tomorrow and another on Saturday that I will be marching in, so it's not like it won't be made up for somehow (not to mention the fact that before today I had already ridden my requisite mileage).

Friday, May 28, 2010

Training Ride - Friday, 28 May

As it is Memorial Day Weekend (really, my favorite weekend of the year), tomorrow through Monday is packed with picnics, parades, and other festivities. Thus, I chose to ride tomorrow's 30 miles today -- for those following on Facebook, I'd thought I would ride it tomorrow morning with my dad, but when he got back from golf the weather was holding so we decided to go for it.

I'd found a good map on mapmyrun.com, and it goes pretty near our house so we didn't have to drive to the start. We started out and I felt really good, even with a light headwind for some of it. Dad's legs, on the other hand, were not doing great and about halfway in he decided to bow out rather than struggle up any more hills. I rode most of the way home with him and then decided to try to add the rest of the distance by going along the canal. I came up a couple of miles short, but it still felt like a good ride.

Maximum speed: 31.6 mph
Average speed: 14.5 mph
Distance: 28.37 mi
Time: 1.57.06

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 26 May

Tonight I was supposed to do a 10-mile ride at pace. Instead, I did a 30-mile ride below pace. I'm OK with that. It was a pretty easy route, so I should have been able to ride faster without a problem, but I started with two (very friendly) ladies, who (to be fair) had billed themselves as slower, and we quickly fell behind the rest of the (large) group. I didn't initially realize how slow slower was, but it's not like turtles were passing us, it just wasn't the intensity I would've liked: we carried on a pretty easy conversation (for me) the whole time.

Anyway, it was still a good ride, and I think the distance counts for something. There were a few climbs, but it was appropriately advertised as a moderate ride. And, the weather seemed cooler the farther south we went, so that, combined with the beautiful country and sunset, made for an excellent ride.

Maximum speed: 29.3 mph
Average speed: 13.2 mph
Distance: 30.38 mi
Time: 2.17.58

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Recovery Ride

It really was a pushover of a ride. I was supposed to ride with my neighbor, but the weather forecast was pretty icky for that time, so I went on my own a few hours earlier (which, really, was a wise decision). This meant that I would only be on the bike for about 10 easy miles as opposed to a couple hours. I could have done the two hours, but I need a new saddle and am grateful for the shorter time today.

Maximum speed: 33.5 mph
Average speed: 15.6 mph
Distance: 10.07 mi
Time: 0.38.35

I feel a little guilty for not going farther, but I also plan on riding tomorrow with Alex, probably on a similar route but a slower pace, so I'll be getting the time in. AND, Coach Neil said that it was the total weekly mileage that matters, which I will also be getting in.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Training Ride - Friday 21 May

In an effort to ride with others who would challenge me, and to also reduce the number of new routes I need to magic up on my own, I joined the Rochester Bike Club tonight for their Friday ride. They met at a mountain bike park in Victor, so about half the people there rode those trails and the other half (5 men and myself) went on the road. I got there a little late, totally flustered for a variety of stupid reasons, but they held up and waited for me.

I was supposed to ride 25 miles today, and expected to ride around 27. We went on a 29-mile route, with just over 2000 feet of climbing. Well, they weren't lying when they advertised it as hilly. I am so stupid for having forgotten that NY is so contoured. Um, hello glacial formations. Even so, the ride was nice, on country roads in the middle of nowhere (I have no idea what towns we were in, though I think I saw a sign for Bristol). Best of all, there were hardly any stop signs. They have a regular Wednesday ride that leaves from a park a few miles from home (that I know how to get to), so I will probably join them for my Wednesday training rides, too. I love cyclists.

Maximum speed: 42.3 mph (I did not look at the computer as we were going down that particular hill)
Average speed: 13.9 mph (I swear it was 14.6 a mile out from the end. I don't know what happened)
Distance: 28.76 mi
Time: 2.03.29

This was a totally killer ride. I forgotten how much I hate hills, and at mile 10 I thought I wasn't going to make it any further. Fortunately, a nice man had hung back with me (either he really was as out of shape as he claimed, or he was being exceedingly nice) and even gave me some good tips (keep the hands loose when climbing, climb in a zig-zag, keep heels down when climbing to help pull, and how to draft... sort of). What's super funny is that it turns out his house is almost right behind ours. He and his family have had a rough go of it the last few years, especially this month, but he was really positive and nice. It's like having a personal coach!

A former racer, he said that I'm still young and that all I do is lay around taking naps and eating all day, so that there's no real reason to take so many recovery days as the TNT coaches say. Armed with that advice, we will ride 20 (easy, slower) miles tomorrow if the weather holds. His philosophy is to ride every day. my philosophy is to not kill myself.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quilt - Almost complete

After all the frustration involved in yesterday's quilting debacle, today was a pleasant change of pace. I re-pieced everything that I ripped out yesterday (it looks infinitely better and the blocks actually are aligned) and added the two borders.

All that remains is cutting the batting and backing, tying it up, and then sewing on the binding. Yea!

Sikari likes it, too.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday

As I am utterly disgusted with the quilt today, I'm glad to be able to report a good ride from tonight. I rode out to Tinker, not remembering that it's not the 7.5 mi that I needed for a 15-mile out and back. It was a good route, though, because of all the rolling hills on Calkins (truly, it's uphill both ways), and I was able to improvise a few extra miles at the end to bring it to nearly 15. I will say, though, that it's really hard to come up with a route on the fly when riding and on a good pace. All told, I'm pleased with myself for adding a hilly route and not just going along the canal again.

Maximum speed: 30.6 mph
Average speed: 15.5 mph
Distance: 14.47 mi
Time: 0.55.41

Unsewing a Quilt

I have just about had it today. I had pieced and blocked the whole quilt and, with a sense of satisfaction, I laid it out on the floor to look at. Immediately, I could see that something was wrong. I could not figure out what or how it had happened. I managed to botch it but good and have spent about 3 times the amount of time ripping out most of the seams as I did sewing the damn thing. I wonder if other, more seasoned quilters, have quilts that they hate so much.

Quilt Progres

OK, so I recognize that blocking a quilt has apparently little to do with cycling but, as it is currently my main plan for generating donations for TNT this year, I figure a post now and then about the progress is worthwhile and justified.

Here are a couple of pictures.

Visit http://pages.teamintraining.org/ga/wils10010/mlutzi to donate or leave a comment here for information on how to buy chances in the raffle for this eventual quilt.

Kickoff and Training

This post is meant to serve two purposes: to kickoff this new blog and to talk about the beginning of training. The reason I've come to blogspot for this journal is because I think it is friendlier for non-members. Lately, lj has been a real pain in the ass, making me watch ads before I open other people's posts. I think blogspot won't do that (and, really, it's probably unlikely that I will be compiling a massive friends' list here). Using this journal, I can keep bike rides and cycling-related thoughts (because I have oh-so many of those) separate from any other assorted thoughts, and provide a place for friends to follow my training, at least for this year. I know this is fascinating for everyone.

Training started this weekend. I was supposed to do 14 and 10 mile rides on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, but because of stupid shingles and a fun bridal shower for Ronnell on Saturday, the rides got pushed to Sunday and Monday instead.

I will say I was pleasantly surprised that my endurance and strength are where they are. Given that, in Atlanta, I only really have been commuting ~5.5 mi round trip for the last few months, and, though hilly, I can never really get up to speed because of all the stop lights and signs. Imagine my surprise, then, when the 15 mile ride on Sunday went so fast, like nothing. I wasn't even out of breath. And, I'll say that it was incredible to just go and ride without having to stop every few yards. This is what cycling is all about.

On Monday I rode with Alex, one of my best friends from high school. We rode the canal again, because our bikes aren't really matched. It was a fun ride and it was nice to ride with someone and to catch up. We will probably ride again throughout this month that I'm home and I look forward to that. Alex has been running a lot (frequency- and distance-wise), but I hate running. It's nice that we can bike together, and that she's so willing to join me. My dad, on the other hand, is supposed to be getting ready for the 15 mi option for the local Tour de Cure for Diabetes. He's been almost impossible to get on the bike. Today is his last final, though, so I hope that means he'll be more eager to ride. It's doubtful, as he's more likely to blow his time playing golf.

Anyway, the stats for this weekend's rides:

Sunday (15 mi):
Maximum speed: 28.9 mph
Average speed: 15.7 mph
Distance: 15.51 mi
Time: 0.59.01

Monday (10 mi):
Maximum speed: 25.3 mph
Average speed: 12.2 mph
Distance: 10.56 mi
Time: 0.51.44

Sunday, especially, is remarkable because, as I said, I haven't really ridden any distances this year. It was nice to see that the little commutes I've made this year have actually built up a suitable base, to the point where I can go out and do (admittedly short, but longer than usual) rides at a good clip. I normally start a season at around 13 mph, so 15 is great.