Saturday, November 24, 2012

This week in training

Belated Graciasgiving wishes to you, my 7 readers. I just got back home from a GTS, our first at The River. It was a chilly start, but standing in the sun (and then running) made all the difference. I ran with P, who I first met on Wednesday. He's a friend of D and is new to TNT, if not running and cycling. It's been a pretty good week in terms of excercise: I ran on Sunday (because I totally bailed on the ride to Duluth with the KSR folks) as well as on Tuesday (with some sweet PRs and my first sub-10-minute mile!) and, of course Wednesday. On Thursday I opted for a ride out to Stone Mountain and back, partly to make up for the lack of a ride on Sunday and partly to stretch my legs differently. I hadn't been on the bike since last week and it had been too long. I was pretty tight and sore, but it was still an enjoyable ride with good company.

Post-post-run-cooldown. Sunny and cool and awesome.

Yesterday, of course, was a rest day. I am very good at rest days.

I'm feeling pretty good about these runs, and I think that when the time comes (next week?) I'll be good to go for increased mileage. That's been an option the last few weeks, too, but you know me.


Average pace: 11.07 (11.19)
Distance: 3.18
Time: 0.35.20 (0.35.57)
Average Heart Rate: 193

These heart rates have seemed off lately, I'm not sure what to make of it. I feel good during the run, and not like my heart is trying to beat its way out of my chest, so I'm going to assume I'm OK and that it's the technology.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Running... and walking a little, too

This week I rode on Sunday (a really good day with A and M) on the usual KSR route. It's nice to be able to just enjoy that ride and ride with whom I want without having to worry about making up for training.

I also ran on Tuesday and Wednesday and, of course, this morning. I did not run on Thursday (again), and this week I didn't have much of an excuse besides time's getting away from me and then having to make (tasty) mushroom soup. I know that if I want to get the most out of this season and training I have to get out there each day, and as I'm already cycling instead of running on Sundays I don't think I can afford to miss another run day.

Don't worry: as far as rest days go, I am very honest about sticking to them.

This morning was D's first GTS with the team, and it was nice to have someone to run with. She woke up dehydrated (probably from having the heat on, it's finally getting cool here) and didn't feel fantastic while on the course. So, I was happy for the excuse to walk a little bit and, all told, we still ended up running the bulk of it.

Not bad for  a cool and sunny Saturday.

I forgot to start the GPS until about 3/4 of a mile in, so these stats are from Diane's Strava:

Average pace: 11.20 min/mi
Distance: 3.6 mi (including warm up)
Time: 0.40.45 (including warm up)
Average Heart Rate (this one's mine): 134

Monday, November 12, 2012

First GTS: Look Ma, I'm a runner!

Last week I started unofficially officially training for the Publix marathon. The event itself isn't until March 17, but I sort of wonder whether I didn't start early enough. Remember: I'm not really a runner.

Anyway, the GT team started doing unofficial group runs last Tuesday and Thursday of about a mile each, so I thought I could do that. I did not want to stay on campus after dark, however, so I went home and ran a mile and a half on Tuesday and felt pret-ty good.

On Wednesday I had already planned on joining the unofficial Team group run out of Brookhaven (it's nice to just expect to be there once a week) with D. Neither of the coaches were able to make it, but K (my excellent mentor) did, and so we ran a 3.6 mile out-and-back.

On Thursday I had every intention of running a mile "recovery", but then the nerves started acting up (not in the anxiety sense but in the neurological sense) and I felt weird and didn't think even a mile-long run was a good idea.

I felt better by Friday morning, but that is a scheduled rest day so I did absolutely nothing besides school work. Let me tell you, that was a great plan, because I was able to submit a draft of my prelims to my extraordinary (6th-grade advanced-group spelling word) adviser. Until I get feedback from her, I'm operating on Megan time. Listen: it feels pretty damn good.

Saturday morning was the first official OFFICIAL GTS (session, not ride) and kickoff. The tri team was there and there was a little coaches' meeting before we got started. D was on a kayaking adventure in Florida, so I was on my own (though I saw a number of people I knew. Yea! friends!) for the run itself. We had three options: 2, 3, or 4 miles for the first run. Not wanting to overdo it, I chose the safe 3-mile option, which was also an out-and-back. It ended up being only about 2.75 miles, however, which I would have known if I had checked the GPS watch C graciously lent to me for at least the duration of the season. I turned back when I was supposed to according to the cue, but not according to the distance. I'm a little disappointed, but during the meeting beforehand they warned us that distances were approximate.

I have things to learn, certainly, about the run team.

I will have stats from each run, but they are going to be different from the bike (for example, no maximum speed). All stats posted will be moving averages (totals). When I've PRd for distances, I will note that, too.

GTS Stats:
Average pace: 10:51 min/mile (11.01)
Distance: 2.74 mi
Time: 0.29.45 (30.12)
Average Heart Rate: 170

I only stopped twice, both times for the water stop. The coaches were very specific about ALWAYS STOPPING AT WATER STOPS, and drinking 8oz of water while there. I know I will cramp if I drink that much that fast before running, so I only had about 4 oz each time (and almost cramped as it was). I should've only stopped on the way back.

Anyway, it was a very positive experience, and at the end the team captain took pictures of everyone so that we would have faces to go with the names (my name is Megan). I hope to do a "photographic essay" of the season, involving a picture from each GTS. Since D wasn't there, this mugshot will have to do.

I just ran 2.74 miles and already changed. I am so fast.