Saturday, February 12, 2011

Training ride - Saturday,12 February

Today was another cold start that ended in warm satisfaction, and not just because I got a free massage at the end.

It was a chilly 29 when I left the apartment to ride over to the park, and we waited around awhile before getting going, but it was sunny and pretty.

I spent about half the ride with some slower riders, which OS going to take getting used to. I have to remember that not everyone there is interested in pushing harder, and that some are there just to finish and ride. This is a totally different way from how I approach rides, so it will be good for me to try something new.

Anyway, because of the speed and cold, it felt like the longest twenty miles ever, but still good. I'm looking forward to riding with V tomorrow as recovery.

Afterwards, because my TEAM has he highest proportion of people who have already raised money, we got to go to the VIP tent, where I got a (painful) massage and other goodies. Yea!

Maximum speed: 24.5 mph
Average speed: 10.8 mph
Distance: 21.27 mi
Time: 2.14.25
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