Saturday, April 30, 2011

Training Ride - Saturday, 30 April

Today's ride was a real pisser. I would love to leave it at that, but I would be remiss were I to ignore the fact that this mentor had to be chatted through the second loop by Coach J (and to fail to offer a most sincere thanks). Also, thanks for thinking I was only 24!

We rode two 31-mile loops around Vinings, which is my nemesis here in Georgia (really, anywhere). I hate riding up there, but always am pleased with myself when I'm able to get through it. Today, I got through it, and that's all there is to say about that. One loop was about 3000 feet of climbing. I wish I could put that in perspective, but just know that 6000' in 60 miles is killer. I thought my legs were going to die. I had a lot of second-guessing myself. My back started to spasm after the first loop (24, ha!). I hated everything about this ride, except for the first half of the loop.  Still, I did it. I hesitate to call it good, but I will proudly point out that I still had a faster average on these hills this week than I did in uber-flat PTC (not my fault). That's a good perspective -- from that point of view, it was a pretty good ride.


Maximum speed: 42.1 mph (yeehaaaw!)
Average speed: 12.9 mph
Distance: 63.33 mi
Time: 4.52.41

There were more hilly options available. I did not take them. This ride was all about suffering, and I accomplished that, too.

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  1. Life is a matter of perspective. Is it better to be thought of as 24 or to be offered the children's menu at Friendly's when you are 24?