Monday, July 11, 2011

Two rides

Kirkwood Sunday Ride

I got back in town Saturday night and was happily able to join the KSR crew yesterday morning for the ride to the mountain. For not having been on the bike in (exactly) two weeks, I felt really good. I caught P's wheel around Katie Kerr and was just off the back of the A group for a while, before my chain decided it just couldn't be away from my pedal any longer and hopped off the large ring. Easy fix and rode in to Stone Mountain, no problem. I even did a small loop with P, which was a good time.


Maximum speed: 30.27 mph
Average speed: 14.02 mph
Distance: 32.78 mi
Time: 2.20.19

Not bad, though I could have been better. I pulled or strained something behind my left knee (it seems like I remember it hurting a few weeks ago), and it bothered me on the way back yesterday. At this point it's a discomfort more than anything.

We had a great showing on the ride, too! Almost 30 riders, most of whom were new to the group. It was cool to meet new people and to just get out and go go go.


Monday Commute In

I spent the night in town to make the commute easier and to ease the homesickness for the puppy, among other things, so I had a shorter ride in than I might normally. It was an easy jaunt, which took me through Little Five and past my old apartment (I think I saw B walking Odin, but on the other side of a divided road, so no chatting :/ ). I didn't anticipate the construction on North, but even with the traffic the drivers very nicely let me into their lane and I made it in without a problem.


Maximum speed: 31.72 mph
Average speed: 12.6 mph
Distance: 6.78 mi
Time: 0.32.16

There are few better ways to start a morning than with a bike ride immediately followed by a warm shower. Just saying.

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