Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kirkwood Sunday Ride - Sunday, 22 January

Today I "led" the KSR, as our dear friend B has found greener pastures, by which I mean she is killing herself with the hammerheads on the Airport Ride. So it goes. Anyway, this week we did our usual ride to, around, and back from Stone Mountain, and I had more company!  I got to ride with J, P, and A (who had to hammer it out to catch us, as he had gotten a late start), and it was such a treat! I didn't feel like I was holding anyone back, and it was so nice to have people to ride with. I kept in mind the things Coach Will is teaching us in the trainer class, and I felt pretty strong throughout the whole ride -- so much so that I could have ridden harder.

The loop around the mountain served two purposes, and served them well: I was able to keep warm by moving and I got the extra miles in. I deliberately didn't push too hard on it, and my reward was not suffering as much as usual up the Plantation hill (though, again, I could've worked harder all around).


Maximum speed: bogus (computer said 53.2 mph)
Average speed: 13.2 mph
Distance: 35.25 mi
Time: 2.39.03

It was a good ride, if chilly and misty, and I'm looking forward to trainer class this week because I know I'm getting better and stronger.

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