Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kirkwood Sunday Ride - Sunday, 15 April

Seriously, after the raging success of Saturday's ride, this week's Sunday ride hardly registers. It was remarkable, however, for several reasons:

1. It was the largest group I've seen on a KSR this year
2. DE-N came, and I hadn't ridden with her in ages
3. The people who did come were not only the hard-core or in training regulars

We had a great group of 10-15 cyclists total, and the weather couldn't have been more agreeable. There was a time on the way back when the wind picked up and the sky clouded over, but only a few drops sprinkled down before nature righted herself and we were where we should have been all along.

I opted out of loops; though I didn't push very hard on Saturday, my legs still felt the hills. Apparently, riding the Gaps below pace is also tiring. Even so, it was a great ride.


Maximum speed: 32.0 mph
Average speed: 13.4 mph
Distance: 29.66 mi
Time: 2.12.29

Details and map can be found here.

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