Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two weekend rides - Saturday & Sunday, 22-23 April

This weekend I went on two pretty spectacular rides (and they were spectacular for very different reasons).

On Saturday we rode down in the flats of Peachtree City. I got out a few minutes behind everyone else, though I'd been planning to ride up, because Strava couldn't get my location via GPS. That was frustrating. I took it in stride, though, and gradually caught and passed people. Then I saw the A- group not too far ahead. I told V and H my plan to catch them, and really went after it. The two of them hopped on my wheel, and I went balls-out to catch them. I finally did, after crushing it for 6.5 miles. That was the mistake. L was leading them, and she was on fire. Had I started with that group, I could have stayed with them the whole ride. As it was, starting off on a chase, cold, really burned out my legs. V, H, and I hung with them for the most part into the first SAG, and then fell back with a few others from that group and rode our own (lively) ride the rest of the day.

My legs felt the whole thing, and I was dead tired by the end of it. But, it was great to know that I could catch the group. The next goal is to be able to hang with a group I've caught. Even though my legs were complaining for the remainder of the 54 miles, it was a great ride. I was with a bunch of teammates I hadn't ridden with before, and it was a lot of fun. I love riding down there, to.


Maximum speed: 34.7 mph
Average speed: 15.7 mph
Distance: 59.32 mi
time: 3.45.53

I'm a little annoyed at the average, because it fell off dramatically over the last few miles. It HAD been over 16 mph.


Sunday was a typical KSR: I rode out to the mountain and back (no loops), and took it at a very comfortable, recovery pace. I reflected afterward that it was the first true recovery ride I've had all season, in that I kept my heart rate and effort low. The reason this was an especially noteworthy ride, however, is that Miss KK and SC rejoined. Now, S I had seen in the last few months, but it had been about half a year since seeing KK, and I missed her terribly. She's one of my favorite people. We spent the ride catching up, and everything is going so well for her I could just burst.

So that's why Sunday was great: I got to see my friend again.

Maximum speed: 30.8 mph
Average speed: 12.2 mph
Distance: 28.37 mi
Time 2.18.34

Again, it was a great ride with great conversation. I had to keep it short so I could help in Tucker with Tomato Fest 2012 (and herbfest and maplefest), but I am looking forward (again? still?) to the rest of the season.

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