Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Love, Mom

I'm going to take a break from posting about training and TNT (and interrupt my mid-week blog silence) for a minute, and instead talk a little about the other (bigger) half of my life (my life is huge).

If you're a good teacher like me (ha!), it's that time of year when the thank you e-mails and we-appreciate-your-help gestures start to come in. Despite the stress of last-minute e-mails, requests for help, and "what do I need to know for the exam"s; despite the frustration that there is still a disconnect between knowing and doing for some students (as is the unfortunate nature of statistics), I love teaching. I have been forcefully reminded of that over the last couple of weeks.

It is incredibly rewarding and heart-warming to receive no-strings-attached displays of gratitude and thoughtfulness from my students, who are universally in the throes of agony and stress from finals week (and still several days away from the final for my class). Who does that? Good kids, that's who. I love teaching.

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