Saturday, December 29, 2012

This week in review: not a lot happened

Last weekend I didn't have time to update because we flew to Texas a couple hours after I finished my solo 6-miler that morning. I was pretty proud of myself that day for a number of reasons: it was a chilly morning (though sunny, and the water on the East Lake golf course was beautiful), I had to run 6 miles by myself, and after a couple of miles in I hit my stride and felt great.

Then we went to TX, and I packed enough for three days' worth of running: Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Sunday happened: 4 miles on the trail with C, Boy's brother, resulting in a 5k PR (whoops!) Tuesday didn't happen: there was an electrical storm for about 4 hours that morning, lasting until around 8:00a, at which point the rain started to turn into sleet, which itself turned into snow, which lasted the rest of the day. Tuesday was also Christmas Day, so there was no slipping out with all the company over to run 3 miles. I got a mile in on Wednesday, but the path was treacherous with all the ice from the day before, and the grass/land next to the path was just uneven enough not to be safe. Our flight on Thursday was canceled and the rebook was for 6:00p, which was then delayed about an hour, getting us home after 11. So, no run on Thursday.

That brings us to today. I ran 8 miles at the river. This is, if I remember the nordic training from high school correctly, the longest I've ever run, and certainly the longest I've ever run without plyos or workouts in the middle. Go me!

Me, going. This is an accurate reenactment of my run today.
I also kept up, for the most part, with the fasties C and M. I had a nice time chatting and running and falling behind on the last half mile climb to the parking lot. I had a REALLY nice time having coffee afterward.


Average pace: 10:10 min/mi (10:17)
Distance: 8.03 mi
Time: 1.21.37 (1.22.34)
Average Heart Rate: 187 (235)

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