Saturday, March 9, 2013

Publix Georgia Marathon - Preflections

In roughly one week I will be starting, in the middle of, and finishing my first ever full marathon (if we're going to be approximate in time, I can do everything at once). I rightly can say "first" because I would totally have this experience again. And again and again. I have had an amazing journey (blech, cliche) with the Team these last four months, and I have been reaffirmed in my decision to join the Publix Team at every GTS.

This morning's was no different. We set off for an easy 8 mile run through the hills and vales of Buckhead, and we made really good time. We crushed the run, on a beautifully cool and sunny day. Next week the weather is supposed to start off about the same but get to a high of 71F, which is rather toasty for a marathon. We expect to be done by noon, though, so we shouldn't hit the worst of it.

Let's see my season, by the numbers (includes today's training run).

Total miles run: 281.77
Total time run: 50 hrs 9 min 45 sec
Total weight loss (using this morning's measurement): ~5 lbs
Total calories consumed: not nearly enough. I'm so hungry. All. The. Time.
Total amount raised: $2,163.50

Total miles ridden: 439.66

I think I'm ready.

I include the bike time because that was primarily from Sundays when I was supposed to run or do cross, so it counts. I have 231.55 miles on the year, which is a slow start compared to last year, but I'm still on track for a 3000-mile year.

This is the most I have ever run, ever. I feel amazing! I blew my fundraising minimum out of the water. That sounds like a feat, but really all of that came from YOU, my many supporters (and far fewer readers). It's the same issue I have with conductors: they weren't the ones that made the music. I'm not the one who magicked the money - it came from incredibly generous and supportive individuals. And I am grateful.

So grateful that I'm making the explicit promise not to fundraise AT ALL until 2014. That means that, for those of you who like to make it a yearly habit, you only have one week to send some dollars my way before the chance is gone for a year.

To those of you who have already donated, thank you! You have helped make this ridiculous idea a reality, or you will have, come next Sunday.

And, the six of you that read this: thanks for that, too.

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