Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ugh, it's been ages

But not epochs. I don't believe in full-frontal exaggeration. I do, however, believe in bullet lists, so that's how I will present the things I have been doing besides posting updates. I have no doubt that, when the list is over, it will be quite a bit shorter than I originally expected.

In no particular order, in the last few months I have/have been

  • prepped/taught Social Psych (a class I took once, 10 years ago, providing my my only exposure to the subject)
  • prepping/teaching General Psych (a class I have never taken, so I'm out of my depth on some of the topics)
  • floundering on my dissertation
  • assistant-coaching the small-but-mighty fall cycle team for Team in Training
  • less active than I would like
    • 860 miles biking and running since the beginning of June 
      • 500 of those miles were in June
      • 32 of those miles were in September, and all since Sunday this week
    • marathoned all of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix (and then Amazon because Netflix didn't have all seven seasons. Weird).
      • while knitting
      • and quilting
    • started Deep Space Nine: enjoy, not nearly as much.
  • dealing with un-managed "complicated migraine", but now it appears to be managed (hence the 30 miles since Sunday)
Of all those things on the list, I think the only one I really excelled at was the floundering. No one can suck at research quite like I can, I'm quite sure. But, now the medical stuff seems to be under control, I feel like myself again, and I have a few irons in the fire as far as research goes. Unfortunately, none of those irons causes the program to run any faster, so it will be another 24 hours or so to know whether they bear fruit (is that even a mixed metaphor?), but it's good to have something new to try, and to actually be excited and energetic about, well, anything. 

So I feel great, albeit very sleepy, and excited and motivated. I'm looking forward to being on the bike and running again, especially as falls comes around and starts to cool things off. It's going to be a good season.

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