Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cycling and Debugging

While I wait for the current run of my analysis to ... run, I'm going to talk about this morning's GTR.

That's right, it was a GTR, meaning cycle training has officially begun. Now, I'm not officially on the team yet, because I'm under the gun for the dissertation and I want to make sure I can do the rides without a whanging headache for the effort (so far so good!), but I plan to join the team every Saturday until recommitment and do all the training so that it's as if I'm on the team.

(I just started another debugging run attempt)

Recommitment is around the time I'm supposed to defend the dissertation (for a May completion, everything really done, graduation date), so I'll know whether I'll have had enough training in, how I'm feeling, and all that good stuff. It would be a nice defense treat to myself to be able to join the team, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and not just for that, of course). I'm hoping that I'm able to keep riding without headaches, especially as the weather warms up.

I watched the heart rate today, and it doesn't really seem to correspond with my perceived effort. It could be just that it was chilly out there and so effort was hard to gauge, but I was just plugging along, feeling great, and my heart rate was higher than I wanted it to be (and higher than my effort felt). I'm not sure what it should be, neither am I sure how to figure that out. I do know that on the piddly climbs on the course my heart rate jumped right up, and I was trying to focus on breathing deeper (which is hard), meaning I'm also trying to focus on posture and form. I think I see some trainer training in my future. Sigh.

Click here for the Strava details.

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