Friday, April 24, 2015

Two and a Half Months to Go

I'll admit it, my training has been a bit, well, spotty. I've ridden to school a few times, but that's only 5 miles round trip (almost exactly - I hit 2.50 miles on the roll up the ramp to the door of my building, but the route home is a hair longer). I've gotten in the long weekend ride and G and I have been pretty good about getting in a second weekend ride in, too. And the numbers look good. We're strong, we're not completely gassed at the end, despite our lack of mid-week rides.

But that has to stop. We (though I can't speak for G, so I) have to start getting in mid-week miles.

Finals start next Wednesday and end the following Tuesday. I'm giving two, one on each of those days (of course). I've already begun coding the Excel sheet that will do the calculations for the grades for that class, so the real heavy lifting will be getting the grades in on time. And then, the glorious summer opens up before me, with some weekend travel and obligations (a bachelorette party! AP reading! a wedding!)

Excepting that, there's no reason I can't get in at least one good ride T-R each week. The world is my oyster.

I should really take pictures while we're on the road, but I'm bad about photos anyway. I'll try, I'll try.

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