Sunday, June 20, 2010

Training Ride - Sunday, 20 June

I was really (REALLY) tired this morning. I woke up a little before seven, walked the dog, ate breakfast (twice!) and was barely awake for all of those ~3 hours. So I took a nap, instead of riding before noon while it was still relatively cool.

That means that at 1:00, when I was awake enough to ride, it was really freaking hot. I went with Nick to the Silver Comet Trail for today's recovery ride, and it was nice. Despite the heat, it was a really nice and relaxing ride: no pressure, and lots of shade on most of the trail. I seem to have lost my travel pump (I think I left it on the trunk of the car when I drove off from PTC after yesterday's ride) and need to replace it.

Anyway, the ride was smooth and relaxed and it was nice to hang out with Nick. I'm glad I thought to call him and that he's amazing at getting past jet lag.

Maximum speed: 18.5 mph
Average speed: 13.4 mph
Distance: 14.16 mi

I will say that two breakfasts is not ideal, especially if either of them involves Waffle House. Ugh. I will never lose weight if I keep eating like this.

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