Saturday, June 19, 2010

Training Ride - GTR Saturday, 19 June

Today was the first day I was finally able to ride with the team, and it was great! Just like bike clubs, there were all ages and abilities and everyone was super friendly. It was wonderful! We rode out of Peachtree City (and, seriously, two different types of golf cart crossing signs is a bit much, not to mention the special paths they drive on around town) and, while it was hot, it was certainly bearable. Yea!

Maximum speed: 31.7 mph
Average speed: 14.9 mph
Distance: 41.27 mi
Time: 2.45.15

I was only expecting a 35-mile ride today, but 41 was a pleasant surprise. Additionally, some of the roads we were on are going to be on the century route, and they were rolling at worst (in terms of hills), gorgeous, and just so nice. It really was a great ride. I started out with some ladies who were quite a bit slower than I am, but when a couple of people came into view ahead of us, I was given the go ahead to catch them, which I did with ease (about 5 miles in). After that, it was a fabulous ride (before then it was a nice ride, just a little slow for me).

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