Monday, February 21, 2011

Recovery Ride - Monday, 21 February

As planned a week ago, V and I went out for a nice ride this afternoon. She had the day off and I disregarded my responsibilities (again), so we went to the Silver Comet for an easy out-and-back. I'll tell you, I could definitely feel the weakness after yesterday's sojourn (especially in my arms, bizarro), so I'm glad we took it pretty easy. I forgot to restart my computer, so my stats are only partial. I borrowed V's for the rest.

Stats (mine):

Maximum speed: 18.4 mph
Average speed: 13.3 mph
Distance: 14.12 mi
Time: 1.03.37

Maximum speed: 18.45 mph
Average speed: 12.11 mph
Distance: 16.46 mi
Time: 1.21.00

So I missed quite a bit of time there. She and I rode together the whole way, so the discrepancy in speed must be due to a hill or just differences between my computer and her GPS. Weird.

Anyway, it was SO great to ride with her. We'll be spending a lot of quality time together this season, which I'm looking forward to. We hung out pretty regularly the last couple years of undergrad, so it will be good to get to do so again.

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