Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekday ride - Thursday, 31 March

Today I wasn't too excited about riding. It was a very long day, and I was very tired. I *knew*, however, that I really needed to ride, for my own mental well-being. So, I packed up the bike from school and went up to meet some of the TEAM for the usual Brookhaven loops. I will say that today at 2:48p is the first time I'd seen sunlight since last Thursday; it has been rainy (like torrential sheets of rain), overcast, and dreary for a week here. And chilly. Still, I needed to ride, and ride I did, with a silent thanks to whomever ordered the lovely sky.

Just last night I ordered a new bike computer, because the old one finally bit the dust (in an apparently non-repairable way: the reset button broke.... off). Instead, I used an app on my phone (which battery lasted exactly until the end of the ride when I stopped tracking, phew!) to do the stats. I don't know how accurate the time is; the average speed looked about right (PR for the year!), but the time looked like total, and not just riding, time. I can't figure it out, and I have too many different tracks apps on the phone to remember which one does what.

Maximum speed: 34.70 mph
Average sped: 15.22 mph
Distance: 20.64 mi
Time: 1.50.09

Also, because of the app, I can tell you that I climbed 2795 total feet. I'm not sure if that seems right...

Boy, am I ever glad I rode. At first, while I was still chilly in the parking lot, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to just kill it today or go for a whatever ride. The first loop I rode strong and felt good, and I knew that the ride was worthwhile. The second loop I just went for it, and I caught G and J (uphill!) for the first time ever. I told them that I just didn't care that they were having off nights, a catch is a catch. Man, I felt GREAT tonight. I think I took J a little by surprise, but all that pent up emotion from last night and the lousy morning just drove me, and I could feel my (super) competitive side just take over. All this to say, it was a really good ride. Personal best (season) tonight.

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