Sunday, March 27, 2011

Training ride - Saturday, 27 March

Everyone I talked to had the same general impression of the ride yesterday: felt slow and sluggish and (most of us) had tired dead-weights for legs. And, we all found that the stats at the end of the ride totally contradicted the lousy feeling we'd had during the duration, regardless of which group we'd ridden with. K and I started out like gangbusters with the front pack, just for grins and to see how long we could keep up with them. That last about 7 miles or so, I think. We were very grouchy at the start of the ride, which continued to the end. She's so fun to ride with, I'm glad to have a buddy for Fletcher.

This is a short update because I have a lot of work to get done (and to get started).

Maximum speed: 32.9 mph
Average speed: 14.7 mph
Distance: 40.74 mi
Time: 2.46.14

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