Sunday, April 24, 2011

Recovery Ride - Sunday, 24 April

I was really looking forward to the ride this morning, and it did not disappoint. We rode to Stone Mountain and did the small loop around the park, per usual. It was slower than we might normally ride, but except for the loop, I didn't feel much like pushing it. We had a large group today, and it was a lot of fun meeting all the new people. We even picked up a stray on the way back, who had a flat but couldn't get her pump to work in any useful way.

Because we were so slow, the A group had already finished breakfast by the time we got back, but we still enjoyed our very tasty food with the leader, S, who stuck around for coffee with us (and provided very interesting tidbits of information).


Maximum speed: 34.3 mph
Average speed: 12.4 mph
Distance: 34.27 mi
Time: 2.45.01

Truly, a recovery ride.

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