Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Running into the ground

That's what I did to my knees, running everywhere for the first few weeks of Lent, appropriate shoes be damned.

So, with bad knees I am instead walking everywhere, and occasionally trying out jogging here and there. I hope to finish strong for this holy weekend. The so us grateful for any time outside, so we will see.

Additionally, through coaxing and encouragement from one friend at school and an outright imperative from another, I am seriously considering registering for the Peachtree City Sprint tri this August. This would be my first tri, and a great foundation toward the pipedream that is a full Ironman.

My plan of attack... just get through the swim... ride like hell... and then stumble the 5k to the finish. Not throwing up gets me bonus points.


  1. Do the tri...I'm pretty sure I am :)

  2. Am I the coaxer or imperative pusher? LOL. I hope you do it, so you can drag/push/pull me to the finish line and I promise I'll try not to throw up on you..but no guarantees!

  3. Val... yes! This will be awesome. Hi Shin, youre going to be great, and under your own power the whole way haha