Saturday, May 14, 2011

Training Ride - Saturday, 15 May

Rather than our usual GTR, today we rode the Up the Creek Without a Pedal (metric) Century in Rome, GA. It was amazing: the support and SAG were great, the route was fast and pretty and safe and well-marked and police-blocked, the food was fantastic, and it was just generally incredibly well-organized. The free massage at the end was welcomed, too.

I rode mostly with D, D, and J, and we really put the hammer down. We averaged 18.4 by the first SAG (which we skipped), and then 17.7 by the second. Rolling into the finish, I achieved a PR. Like EVER ever. I can't believe I estimated (admittedly conservatively) a 5-6 hour completion time.


Maximum speed: 36.8 mph
Average speed: 17.0 mph
Distance: 60.00 mi
Time: 3.30.59

The precision in those numbers blows my mind. And, had we been riding in a pace line and not 2x2, we really could have done some damage. I had a truly fabulous time with the guys, and am sad that they aren't doing Fletcher with me. The weather started off cool (mid-sixties), drizzled exactly the right amount, and then the cloud cover broke about half and hour or so from the end. The one drawback was the continuing problem with my front derailleur, which is, of course, my own fault for not having fixed it yet. I intend to do that very soon, certainly before Fletcher, and I hope before next weekend. Really a GREAT ride.

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