Saturday, May 7, 2011

Training ride - Saturday, 7 May

Today was a long ride, both in distance and in time. We ride 70 miles at Silk Sheets, which is getting a little old. It was a toughie. I didn't sweep, but I did ride in the back today. As always, the ladies there were a joy and a pleasure. It was pretty enjoyable until about mile 63 or so, when D bonked and got sick, at which point we pulled over and waited for SAG to get her. That half hour wait, plus another at the SAG for the last two riders out, killed my legs and momentum.

Still, it was a good ride, and I had a great time riding up and back with new and different people today.

Maximum speed: my computer says 101.7 mph, which I suspect is incorrect. I think it registered the wheel spinning on the car or something.

Average speed: 14.1 mph
Distance: 71.3 mi
Time: 5.03.08

After the ride, we had a picnic for (different) D, who just had a clean PET scan and has beaten his cancer. Much the same way I beat him up hills. It's all positive.

I do wish I would pick non-picnic days to have to finish so much later than everyone else.

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