Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bud Lite Ride - Saturday, 25 June

Today a good group of us went up to Cartersville to ride the Bud Lite half around the fast roads from the Budweiser plant. I felt pretty good, but my competitive side knows that I need to get faster, and it appears that intervals are the only way to get me there now. I am not thrilled with this, but it will make the commute more interesting.


Maximum speed: 30.8 mph
Average speed: 15.5 mph
Distance: 55.35 mi
Time: 3.32.48

Cville got hit pretty hard by the spring tornadoes, and you could see a lot of the lingering destruction and devastation. Today was also the day of the Cartersville Century, which was using the proceeds to go toward continuing tornado relief efforts. It was sad and humbling to see the aftermath of the chaos, even a month later.

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