Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weekday ride - Thursday, 23 June

This ride was laughable. In my (pathetic) defense, I ran 2.3 miles this morning. My legs felt fine, however, so there really was no excuse for pooting along at so abysmal a pace. I rode with D, and he got stuck with me because he didn't know the route (whoops), else I would have sent him on ahead right from the start. At the same time, however, I didn't realize how slowly I would be going.


Maximum speed: 29.5 mph
Average speed: 12.9 mph (bahahahaha)
Distance: 20.35 mi
Time: 1.33.58

Seriously? This is pathetic. I'm in disbelief. I don't know whether it was so slow because I couldn't push harder or because I simply wouldn't push harder. At no time do I recall feeling like my legs were going to fall off, so I have to assume I just wasn't paying attention and wasn't trying. Slacker-Megan wins the day, again.

The good news to this, though, is that I didn't kill myself running this morning, so I think that I'll be in great shape for the tris this fall.

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