Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fletcher: Preflections

I'm getting to it a little early this season, but only because it's a hectic time right now. This weekend is my second century, and I am excited about what this small and mighty team will do. I'm worried about the bike's acting up (a HUGE thanks to G for taking several hours out of his Memorial Day morning to tune it just so) on the ride, and wonder if I'm cosmically forbidden to have an uneventful event. I am hopeful that such is not the case and that Fletcher goes off without a hitch.

Some interesting facts about this season:

In four months, we have
- raised over $156,000 for LLS
- collectively ridden over 50,000 miles
- drunk over 100 beers on Thursday nights
- witnessed Honored Teammate D go from "patient" to "survivor" (that took some leg work from him, dating back several years)
- made dozens of new friends

Several teammates were completely brand new to cycling, riding their first bike since childhood. Others have been doing this since the inception of the cycling program in Georgia. All of us are doing it because we hate cancer.

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