Sunday, May 29, 2011

Recovery ride - Sunday, 29 May

Today the KSR went on the Atlanta Beltline Loop, which was simultaneously neat and frustrating.

Neat: got to see parts of Atlanta I didn't know existed (sometimes a good thing)
Frustrating: like any intown ride, there were lots of stops and turns.

In the end, I'm glad I went, but it isn't a route I would want to do often. We had some new-to-me cyclists on the ride, and lunch after was a lot of fun. Good folks, all of them.


Maximum speed: 28.7 mph
Average speed: 10.8 mph
Distance: 30.39 mi
Time: 2.46.59

The bike was being a bitch again, so I've resolved to take it to the shop after payday this week. I refuse to have a pissy bike in Fletcher for the big day. My legs were tired and tight still, but that made the necessarily slow pace more tolerable.

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