Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kirkwood Sunday Ride - Sunday, 29 January

What a fine January day! This morning started off sun-sun-sunny and stayed that way all day. It was glorious! The temperature was around 31F starting off, but warmed up nicely so that by the end of the ride I was almost hot. We were able to enjoy the sun and each others' company at brunch. We did the usual Stone Mountain ride, taking the roads out (I opted out of the loop because the A group had already left and I didn't know how far behind them we were), and we chatted at the rest area for a while before heading back on the path. I met some new people, who will be joining us, and one of my mentees came along! It was great getting to know her a bit better.


Maximum speed: 30.8 mph
Average speed: 12.1 mph (I swept B)
Distance: 29.59 mi
Time: 2.25.44

I am going to continue to ride and promote the KSR, but make it less of a "no-drop" ride and more of a "here's a cue sheet, we will meet up at the Mtn and at brunch" ride.

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