Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting ready for the season to officially start

We start riding on Saturday, and I must say I'm excited. We have a great TEAM, and my mentees are awesome. As you are aware, I've been riding on Sundays already for the last month or so, and have gotten a Saturday and a commute in since then, too. I'm ready for this thing to start for real, and to get to know my teammates better and to see the newer participants grow as cyclists in their ability and confidence.

But, I'm nervous. Not about the ride or training, but about fundraising. For the first time since the Wilson season in 2010, I am anxious about fundraising. I've had some ideas, but in part to to my lack of persistence, they aren't panning out. I also really hate asking the same people for money each year. And, I haven't figured out how people who raise SO much more than their minimum do it. Are they getting corporate sponsorship? Do they have rich individual sponsors? What am I doing wrong?

I'm in a bit of a low spot right now in general, and it's manifesting itself in this way. I have to remember that I've already raised nearly $500 and that the season HASN'T EVEN STARTED. And that I shouldn't take things personally.

All that said, there are still spots available in the Superbowl pool, and no knowledge of football is necessary. You don't even need to watch the game!

AND, I'm still counting votes for the Mardi Gras Challenge, so if you do donate (or have donated and forgot to), send me a message or leave a comment saying how you want it to go. As it stands, i'm going to be shaving my head come Lent because only TWO people have voted, and they want me NOT to cut my hair! Cruel irony!

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