Saturday, February 11, 2012

Training Ride - Saturday, 11 February 2012

Today was cold. As a Yankee with all my bona fides, I can say this with some authority. The temperature upon arriving at the GTR was a balmy 38 degrees (no problem!), but with 20mph wind, gusting up to 39 mph. It warmed up to 40, and the temperature has since dropped to 31, though the sun is shining. There was some sleet (it was not, as some less experienced will tell you, snow). And we were in an exposed parking lot for the first hour or so of the GTR. During that hour, I rode about 3 miles, with a riding time (according to my computer) of about 30 minutes. These are approximations, as I did not record and reset before going on the ride after.

What did we do today? We had three clinic stations: a clipping/water bottle skills clinic, a obstacle and awareness clinic, and a descending/ascending skills clinic. There were some struggles in each of them, but I think people were glad to have had the chance to learn the fundamentals (in an academic sense - only experience will be the best teacher) and know what to do in different situations.

Then, mercifully, we got out of the roads and rode. We did about 10 lumpy miles, which correspond a little with the Tuesday Buckhead rides I've been on with J and G. They were tough, and the wind did NOT help. It was good, though, because we could use the newly taught skills on the many climbs and (seemingly fewer) descents.

Maximum speed: 31.1 mph
Average speed: 9.6 mph
Distance: 13.46 mi
Time: 1.23.12

This was a proper February day, and so it was a lousy day to be standing around in bike clothes in a parking lot.

I've cancelled the KSR for tomorrow, because it is going to be around 24F for wheels down, warming up to a nice 33F by the end of the ride. And it will be windy.  No thank you. I'm going to honor my friend by NOT making myself sick.


In other news, ARA has finished the quilt top, though refuses to show any pictures and denies having done so. Also, I have raised nearly $200 over the last week selling cookies and other baked goods. I am well on my way.

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