Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Training Ride - Saturday, 18 February

My cyclocomputer hasn't kept accurate statistics the last few weeks, costing me a few miles (and mph) in the process. I was so disgruntled about this, I refused to post an update.

But, reflecting on how truly awesome the ride was, I realized that omitting a good ride and its stats was poor retaliation against a lousy, feelingless piece of technology.

Maximum speed: are you kidding? I think it said ~25, which is about right
Average speed: 10.5 mph (per my calculations)
Distance: ~20 mi
Time: 1.53.00

This week I rode with K and B. Both have ridden in the past, but were either new to the specific bike (B) or hadn't ridden much recently (K). That said, they both had good handling skills and just need time on the road. It was a really good ride, we talked and I learned a lot about them. That's one of my favorite things about being on the team: the cordiality, the friendliness. It was not a fast ride, but it was a good one. We did the Brookhaven loop, but in the reverse direction; it was easier this way, but it was a neat change in perspective. I am looking forward to Thursday night rides; it's nice having a good expectation of friendship in the middle of the week. The trainer classes are good, but rides are better.

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