Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quilt Progress: Repost from Stash Slash Project: "A Good Drying Day"

 The quilt is all but complete: only the binding needs doing. See the link to ARA's blog below for pictures of her laundry blowing in the wind, along with the quilt that YOU, dear reader, could win.

ARA is much better about completing projects than I am, so if you were to win this, the binding would be done well before Christmas.

Stash Slash Project: "A Good Drying Day": It's a beautiful day in Lebanon, PA.  The sun is shining.  There is a nice breeze and as my mother use to say "it's a good drying day."  Wha...


  1. UC, the fastest response blogger on the net.

  2. Megan, Tell the people how they can win the quilt.