Saturday, March 10, 2012

Training Ride - Saturday, 10 March

Friends, this Urban Cyclist hangs her head in shame. Woe to me for having neglected my post-ride updates. I have been riding every GTR and KSR for the last month, I just have not been good (obviously) about actually posting the post-game shake down.

Today, I begin anew. I will slough off the poor work ethic of February (now 10 days gone) and, like March, roar like a lion.

Something like that.

Our GTR was in Peachtree City this morning, and it was a beautiful morning indeed. We rode 30 miles through the lovely and fast country roads about an hour south of Atlanta, and it was great. I just love riding down there. I rode with some new-to-me people, and I am very positive about the team this year. Mentor L, a local to PTC, even worked out a deal with the Chick-fil-a we park near, wherein we got a free chicken sandwich with a milkshake. I got the milkshake, gave the sandwich to J (with whom I spent most of the ride, and whom I adore), and we split an order of fries. A great day!

Maximum speed: 33.0 mph
Average speed: 13.6 mph
Distance: 30.65 mi
Time: 2.15.49

It was a bit windy here and there, which slowed us down, but at one point we got a steady, FAST paceline going into the park for our SAG, and it was a lot of fun. I'm really enjoying the team this year, and I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone continues to grow.

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