Saturday, March 24, 2012

Training Ride - Saturday, 24 March

We were in my usual stomping grounds for the GTR today, doing what is most of the KSR, with the twist of doing both the outer and inner loop around Stone Mountain. I rode with A today, who is a survivor and recent alumna. We had a great ride, keeping a pretty steady pace and effort the whole time, even with wind and spider/inch worm webs in our faces on the way back. Spring was out in full force today - the tires are green with pollen and the yards and park were full to bursting with luscious azaleas and fragrant wisteria. Add to it the "Ferris Bueller" weather -- blue sky and hardly a cloud in sight -- and it was well nigh perfect.

I used Strava for the first time, which does a lot of things that my previous sports app, SportyPal doesn't, including blocking out my home and work addresses from the public map and tracking fastest rides along various segments of known routes (and you can add your own segments, too, which I am going to do as soon as I Cat 6 my way to school starting Monday). Because we weren't going balls-to-the-wall, I am lower down in the female ranking on a lot of the segments today than I would like. But, the best part about that is that Strava compares how you do against others and against yourself: the next time I do this route I'm going to kill in terms of PRs and other ladies. They know who they are.

The worst part about Strava is that it's already bringing out my competitive side, which doesn't take much.


Maximum speed: 30.8mph
Average speed: 10.6mph
Distance: 42.84 mi
Time: 4.00.46

Ride info:

It was, as I said, a great ride.

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