Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stella's Gap - Sunday, 25 March

I lieu of the usual KSR, because I'd ridden it yesterday, today a few of us went over to the West Side and rode Stella's Gap, a training ride with ABC. There were three distance options: 23, 30, and 38 miles, and we all did the 38 mile route. The roads were familiar, from previous GTRs out of Vinings and from the Tuesday Buckhead hills rides with J and G. I fell in pretty comfortably with the B group, while G and other J were off up front with the fasties. I wanted to push today, but knew there was no way I would average 16+ mph.

I enjoyed the route, though the roads were rough in a lot of places. Around mile 18 I was ready for it to be over, as I was frustrated with some of the other cyclists and starting to get tired. I began rationing my water at that point. All told, it was a good ride, but it mostly served to reinforce my dislike of riding with unknown and unaware cyclists.

Maximum speed: 40.4 mph
Average speed: 14.1 mph
Distance: 37.04 mi
Time: 2.36.47

This isn't so bad: it's not a fast average by any means, but given the total elevation of 2,636', and the long, though slow, ride yesterday, I'm pretty pleased with it.

The map and goodies can be found here.

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