Saturday, March 31, 2012

Training Ride - Saturday, 31 March

This weekend's GTR was up in the beautiful country of Cherokee County, GA. We rode 45 miles out of the Free Home Publix, and as expected, it was amazing. When we were up in Free Home last year, it was a cold and rainy day, but even with the lousy weather I fell in love with the route. This year confirmed my memory of a great ride. I started out riding up to the front to be with J and G, but after stopping and restarting at an incorrect turn, I rode a bit further back with a line of alumni. I spent most of the rest of my day with A, D, and especially C. It was great to ride with him again; I hadn't had much opportunity to since the Wilson season, and we had a great time.

The day was sunny and not too warm; the only headwind kicked up on one part of the last loop, otherwise it was perfection.


Maximum speed: 38.5 mph
Average speed: 15.2 mph
Distance: 45.78 mi
Time: 2.59.07

Not bad, really. Going into the first SAG, with the fasties, I was over 17mph, which was in all likelihood unsustainable. It felt great, but I was glad to ride with old friends.

Details of the ride can be found here.

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