Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekday Ride - Thursday, 29 March

The last week in March saw our first official Brookhaven ride of the season. I started out feeling a little sluggish, but not more than usual. I found my stride pretty quickly, but probably rode a little too hard. I felt good. On the second go-round, I rode with L and V for a bit, and then HS showed up at the top of the loop and we waited for her to catch up. We weren't sure she had even made it because of traffic, but we left together and she looked strong. We took it a little easier on the second loop, and I rode in with Coach. All told, my legs felt good throughout, and I definitely pushed myself for at least the first half, because there were people behind me that I just wasn't going to let pass (until I got stuck at a stop sign whereas the guy behind me, undeterred, weaved through two cars and blew by me while I was about to get started again; jackass). Met some new, cool people and I am looking forward to these rides, among my favorite of the season.


Maximum speed: 29.2 mph
Average speed: 14.3 mph
Distance: 20.64 mi
Time: 1.26.04

Remaining details (QOM!) can be found here.

In other news....

I got an e-mail from the president of the GT Tri club (whom I had contacted about a week ago for information on whether the club was still active). He said they have a women's slot available for Collegiate Nationals, and if I don't take it it'll go to waste. Nationals are Saturday, 21 April (so I would miss a GTR) in Tuscaloosa. It would be cool to participate in so awesome and event (and to get a Tech tri kit), but I don't know if I am physically ready now, or if I could be then. Certainly, the cycling is ready to go, and I could easily get the running up, but the swim? And putting all three together? In less than a month? Mostly, I'm worried about embarrassing myself: the pictures they have posted from previous Nationals clearly indicate that, in terms of fitness, I am out of my league. Maybe there are more beginners than they showed that come to these things....

Anyway, I left him a voicemail, and hope that he calls back soon. I am thoroughly on the fence with this one.

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