Monday, April 9, 2012

Commute - Monday, 9 April

Again, I won't be posting my my commutes regularly (though they will all be uploaded to strava, for those interested), but today was the first full commute of the year. Once or twice I think I rode to school, only to be picked up by G on the way to trainer class, and the other days of the week I was either doing bricks or giving myself some recovery time and opted to drive. Lame? Indeed.

I rode the Fuji to school, with one pannier semi-full of clothes. It was a gorgeous, cool morning and a sunny, warm afternoon. While I was VERY tired on the way out and my legs protested most of it, it was still a good ride. The more I ride the Fuji, the better I'll get because of the extra weight. I hope to return to last summer/fall's routine of riding in almost daily. It'll be harder to do because G works at Perimeter now and won't be able to gather me and my things before TR rides, but MWF should still work out, more or less.

Stats (to and from school, respectively):

Maximum speed: 44.4 mph (I think there was a hiccup in the GPS there)
Average speed: 12.1 mph
Distance: 7.4 mi
Time: 0.36.35

Maximum speed: 37.2 mph
Average speed: 13.5 mph
Distance: 8.6 mi
Time: 0.38.17

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