Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kirkwood Sunday Ride - Sunday, 8 April

Happy Easter (and Passover), friends! This morning, feeling the burn from yesterday's ride, I knew I wanted to take it fairly easy and to just stretch the legs on a ride. The only other person to show up at Marche's was D, with whom I've ridden before, and we found a comfortable pace and kept the conversation flowing just as smoothly. Given Easter brunch in Tucker around 1, I only wanted to do a couple hours for recovery: about an hour in (we rode the reverse route to Central Ave near Stone Mountain) and then took another easy (not even rolling) route back to the path. I could definitely feel yesterday's half in my legs, but it was a good ride with beautiful weather.


Maximum speed: 28.8 mph
Average speed: 14.2 mph
Distance: 23.11 mi
Time: 1.37.18

Details and map can be found here.

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