Saturday, June 16, 2012

Training Ride - Saturday, 16 June

This morning we were on my home turf, doing the usual Kirkwood Sunday Ride with the team. I love this ride. We had guest coaches today, J and G, because D and N are out in sunny California, starting RAAM (wheels down at 3:00EDT!) Among other things, that meant OUR wheels down was pretty close to on-time. I headed out toward the front of the pack, but about 5 miles in was already pulled back to LR, which was enjoyable because I got to ride with M. She is a trip, and just a delight to ride with. Everything is new and exciting and monumental for her on the rides, and she is just proud of her new accomplishments each week. I must say: so am I. J showed up for the first time this season (not a morning person -- I get it), and so she got to meet the team and come out for a ride. She looks pretty strong, so I think she's going to do well this year. I also got to ride with L (from the summer team) on the way back. I like her a lot, and this was the first time I'd really ever ridden with her. The three of us made a nice little group.

The ride itself was not very eventful, but it saw the return of my grumps. Again, five minutes with M all but makes it go away, but I would like to avoid them completely if possible. I am pretty sure at this point that it is NOT a sugar thing, but is instead a Megan-Get-Over-It thing. That's looking tough fornow, I hope to master it.

At the end of the ride, everyone stuck around for brunch at Petit Marche (again, KSR tradition), and it was great to visit in a relaxed, social setting. The grumps came back because I am in that mood lately, but it was a real treat to see H for the first time since her accident. She still isn't riding, but she's home and driving and on her feet, and it was so nice just to catch up a bit.


Maximum speed: 32.0 mph
Average speed: 11.6 mph
Distance: 34.75 mi
Time: 2.57.52

Details and map can be found here.

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  1. Nice post about the ride, Megan! It was a lovely ride and I'm looking forward to Silk Sheets next weekend. Good to see you and chat.