Friday, July 6, 2012

Training Ride - Saturday, 30 June

Shaaaaaame on me. Shame on me for not updating here this week. I didn't have anything to say on the 23rd, because I missed that GTR. My dear friend V and I had registered for an Olympic distance tri, and despite our severe training drought, we went and competed on one of the hottest days we've had. V came in second for her group! I'm so proud of her! Next time, though, we train. I had a good day, too, despite the three days of stiff legs and arms that immediately followed. There might have been a correlation.

Anyway, I then took most of that week off, except for Brookhaven loops (it was 100F that night, so really it was Brookhaven LOOP). Last weekend was predicted to be a scorcher, and they were right. The grass, while not brown, was crunchy and dry and poked my toesies as I watered my "garden". The sun was hot and high. The temperature was like the sun: we hit 105F (according to my car, while I was moving), breaking Atlanta's ALL TIME heat record. I found it a little hard to believe that 105 was only the hottest it's ever been here, because temps of over 100F are not unheard of, and 105 isn't that much higher when you're talking about a city that, despite some good attempts, considers concrete to be landscaping.

That said, it was a DRY heat, so instead of the usual swampy-sauna days we had oven days. And it was good, because they were over quickly. Saturday's ride was supposed to be 35 mi, but as we were in Sandy Springs (HILLY), we had a 31mi route. And, as a road on that route was closed and torn up, we ended up with a 27.5 mile route, which despite our standing around trying to figure out what to do about the closure, still got us in before the day got too hot (it was still in the upper nineties/low 100s when we rolled in -- in the South, heat is relative).


Maximum speed: 41.9 mph
Average speed: 12.6 mph
Distance: 27.46 mi
Time: 2.10.13

I was going to post my elevation, but I couldn't connect with Strava on Saturday so I don't have those details. I am REALLY proud of the team: it was a blistering hot ride, but everyone did great, reported a good ride, and came in all (sweaty) smiles.


I rode on Sunday, too, in similar conditions (the sky was mercifully hazy, keeping some of the sun's heat off us in the morning), but the usual KSR. I forgot to turn Strava back on after the rest at the park. I am kicking myself for that, because I even told C, on the way out, "I think I forgot to turn Strava back on", but then mis-remembered starting it again and ended up with nothing for the second half. No matter, it was still a great ride. I had the A-group in my sight most of the time on the way out, with no small thanks to J for letting me suck his wheel, and felt good, if sticky, the whole time.


Maximum speed: 31.7 mph
Average speed: 14.5 mph
Distance: 27.36 mi
Time: 1.52.25

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