Friday, October 5, 2012

A Running Cyclist

I'm updating (twice!) today with the intention of getting back into the habit of journaling my training progress. As those of you with Facebook (who haven't hidden my constant requests for fundraising from their newsfeed) know, I registered for the Georgia Publix (insert large peach here) Marathon for March 17th next year. I'll be training with the Team in Training marathon team, because I have such low faith in my willpower that being accountable to others and a cause is the only way I'll be able to get through it. Some things to note:

1. I am not a runner, despite faking it (poorly) during ski season in high school
2. The longest distance I've run since high school is the 10K portion of two Olympic tris (and I didn't run the whole of either of them).
3. I have these short, stumpy legs.
4. I make excuses.

To the ends of successfully completing a marathon despite 1-4 and a 5-100 not listed here, I am also racing a 15K in the middle of January (also here in Atlanta) and possibly some 5Ks just to establish a baseline (slow).

Anyway, this process is going to require a lot of reflection and bookkeeping, just so I can see the progress I've made and show to myself that it is, in fact, something I can do. It's also to show you (my 5 readers) that this is something you can do, too. And, I'm holding myself accountable.

Be prepared for boring training run updates. They are going to consist of about 3 miles to start with, and will be boring. I'll be using Strava to track my progress as well, so there will be fun stats to follow.

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