Thursday, February 28, 2013

Longest run ever, until the BIG DAY

Ladies and gentlemen, let the record officially show that on Saturday, 23 February 2013, this Urban Cyclist ran 20 miles.

Read that again.

(20 miles!)
The happy group before our respective longest runs.
C and I (and M and J, but they were with us only off and on) set off in the morning with the intention of taking it relatively easy and only doing 5:1::run:walk intervals. C's knee had been bothering her during the week, so we also opted from the start to walk down any hills. On this route (at the River) there were a lot of hills and slow descents. We also stopped at all but the first/last water stop to stretch and refuel. Our total elapsed time was 4:40, but when one considers the two bathroom breaks and the absolute stand-stills at the water stops, that's not too shabby.

When one considers that our total *moving* time was only 4:10, one is much happier. Especially if I am said one. As our plan for the marathon is to never stop (except for possible nature breaks) and to at least walk through water stops, I think we'll be in very good shape.

Average pace: 12:16 (13:44) min/mi
Distance: 20.44 mi
Time: 4:10:45 (4:10:44)

Six miles in, still smiling like idiots.
P and D turned around at this point, the rest of us chugged on.
As a matter of fact, though my feet hurt at the end of the run, I felt absolutely great. C said my form was good at the end, and after a shower and short nap I felt as good as new. So good, in fact, I took the Giant out on the ride on Sunday where I had my best ride of the season (in some of the best weather of the season) and felt only a little tired in the legs.This running and training has been a lot easier than I expected. 

Thank you, Team in Training! Thank you, to all my wonderful friends!

Let the taper begin!

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