Sunday, April 6, 2014

KSR - Back in the Saddle

After focusing so much energy on school and attending GTRs haphazardly (what a fun-looking word), I defended on March 28th and in short order registered for the Tahoe team, recommitting at the same time as officially committing. It was all very exciting.

I then promptly missed a GTR for being at a conference, but what can you do? I've been struggling all spring to get the miles (any miles, really) in, what with weather and school, but I think at least part of that equation will be balanced for the rest of April, and completely nullified in May. That is a relief. Sweet relief!

I rode the KSR this morning, and because of the cool weather and threat of storms, there was poor turnout. However, we had a new face and I had a nice ride to the rock. We didn't linger long, and the storm ended up blowing completely south of us (yea!) so it was a good ride. I wish I had gotten in extra miles, but I may try to do that on a free day later this week. Tomorrow is out (T-storms predicted), but it should be warm and sunny after Tuesday.

All told, a very nice ride with good company.

Strava details here.


The conference I was at was in Philly, and the weather was a lot like today's: cool (mid-40s) and overcast, with some drizzle). Even so, I saw a LOT of cyclists there, on the narrow, pitted roads. I liked it. I think they were happy to come out of hibernation.

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