Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Route, New Post

On Saturday, for the first time ever, the cycle team rode out of Harbins Park, which is out by Dacula. It is beautiful there, with not insignificant climbing, gorgeous country scenery, not too much traffic, and -- for the most part -- great roads. The weather was a little hot for my tastes, getting up into the 80s without much shade (Georgia can't make up its mind about spring this year, it seemed it was going to go full-on summer this weekend, but there is a freeze advisory for tonight), but all told it was a beautiful day. I felt great on the ride, never really overexerting myself except for a short bit at the beginning where I waited with J while he shed his jacket, and then we worked to catch up with the main group. After that, and some huffing and puffing, I felt fine the rest of the time. I managed my nutrition and hydration well and don't think I would do anything differently. I'll just say again, it was a really good ride.

It could be because it was the first really sunny or really hot day we've had this year, or just that I was stuck in the sun and heat without shade for several hours after riding (though I kept hydrating) waiting for the last few riders to come in, but it was while we were in the parking lot and on the way home that a migraine hit. We got home, I took some meds, buried my face in a pillow, and felt infinitely better after a short rest (I don't even think I napped).

The Strava details can be found here.


On Sunday, wary of another headache (I've had a few, but am pretty sure they were more hydration related), I looked frantically for the preventative meds and couldn't find anything but an old prescription. Knowing that I had a recent one, but not remembering for the life of me where it could be, I took an old pill, crossed my fingers, and set out. It was a great ride. We took it somewhat easy, didn't loop around the mountain, didn't set any PRs or break any sound barriers, and came back to an amazing breakfast at LPM. Yummers. It was a small group on Sunday, and there was pretty light traffic headed to and from (and in) Stone Mountain. We chalked that up to multiple spring breaks and the Dogwood Festival. Whatever the cause, we were grateful, because it also meant we were able to get a seat and a short wait at LPM, which is hard to come by on a nice day like we had. Best of all, no headache the whole day.

The Strava details can be found here.

This is the first 100-mile week (including my 20 miles on Thursday) in months. It's good to be back on the bike and getting the miles in, even if my posture and form aren't there, and even if I'm not as fast or as strong as I want to be. Saturday taught me that I still need to take it easy (apparently) in the sun and heat if I'm going to put out prolonged efforts (maybe).

I also finally feel like a real ambassador again, now that I'm physically and academically able to put in the time. I felt pret-ty guilty for a while there.

It's all part of training when you're training to give cancer the finger. F-you, cancer. I've got your number.

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