Sunday, May 30, 2010

Training Ride - Sunday, 30 May

Today I had to ride 15 miles below pace. I did around 8 miles just below pace, and it was all uphill. I should've ridden the 15, but the 8 out was to the family picnic and I was dehydrated with a whanging headache by the end and just couldn't see riding my bike home.

Maximum speed: 25.5 mph
Average speed: 14.0 mph
Distance: 7.83 mi
Time: 0.33.35

I rode up to Mendon Ponds Park, where we had a nice picnic. The dogs were there, so was a lot of food (but I still didn't go over my calorie count until I got home and had a fudgsicle, which I do not feel guilty about). I just didn't have enough water while I was there and that, combined with the sun, was just too much. It's a shame, I would've liked the ride home. It's OK, though. There's a parade tomorrow and another on Saturday that I will be marching in, so it's not like it won't be made up for somehow (not to mention the fact that before today I had already ridden my requisite mileage).

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