Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 2 June

Tonight was great. I rode with the bike club out of Mendon Ponds again, on a 26-mile route. I was the slow person, and I've come to realize that I need to stretch or otherwise warm up right before going out on these rides. It turns out I maintained a good pace on the slightly hilly route, and the faster group was always in sight, but I felt like crap right at the beginning while my legs got into it.

Then we caught the group and I stayed with them for the last 7 miles or so. It was just the few hills at the beginning that knocked me out. I was actually going pretty quickly, averaging around 16 for the first part of the ride, too, but I felt lousy.

Maximum speed: 32.8 mph
Average speed: 16.3 mph
Distance: 25.67 mi
Time: 1.34.19

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