Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Training Ride - Wednesday, 26 May

Tonight I was supposed to do a 10-mile ride at pace. Instead, I did a 30-mile ride below pace. I'm OK with that. It was a pretty easy route, so I should have been able to ride faster without a problem, but I started with two (very friendly) ladies, who (to be fair) had billed themselves as slower, and we quickly fell behind the rest of the (large) group. I didn't initially realize how slow slower was, but it's not like turtles were passing us, it just wasn't the intensity I would've liked: we carried on a pretty easy conversation (for me) the whole time.

Anyway, it was still a good ride, and I think the distance counts for something. There were a few climbs, but it was appropriately advertised as a moderate ride. And, the weather seemed cooler the farther south we went, so that, combined with the beautiful country and sunset, made for an excellent ride.

Maximum speed: 29.3 mph
Average speed: 13.2 mph
Distance: 30.38 mi
Time: 2.17.58

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