Friday, June 11, 2010

Training - Friday, 11 June

Today's training ride started out great and ended up mostly OK. Dad wanted to test the 25-mi Tour de Cure route to see if he would be able to do it on Sunday; since it starts in Mendon Ponds, we rode out there and that contributed to the extra 10 miles I needed for my 35-mile at-pace ride today.

It turns out that it's actually a pretty nice route. Some small hills but nothing too obnoxious. My rear tire was totally flat when we left, which was a surprise since I had ridden on Wednesday without a problem. Deciding it must be a slow flat, I took Dad's advice and inflated it and took off. As this is a training-not-complaining blog, I will not discuss that any further.

I can't remember much of the ride at all, just that I felt pretty good. Apparently I drank a lot during the ride (or, more likely, during the couple of stops to wait) because with 11 miles left I had about 4 oz. of gatorade/water left. I rationed, but it was a struggle. At mile 29 my legs got wobbly and I could tell I was low on sugar. Even so, on the last 11 miles I raised my average speed from 14.9 to 15.1 mph, so it couldn't have been bad. I think that, by that point, I just wanted to go home (I remember yelling at myself at some point, out loud) so I pushed it.

The stats:
Maximum speed: 34.6 mph
Average speed: 15.1 mph
Distance: 35.28 mi
Time: 2.19.43

All told, I feel pretty good, it was just rough going for a couple miles toward the end. It was a really pretty ride, through the farm country in Mendon, Rush, Honeoye Falls, and Pittsford.

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